Saturday, 30 April 2022

Some hospital visit that was!

So many times do we read and hear about all the problems faced by the NHS (National Health Service in the UK). The need for more money, the problems with waiting times, and let’s be brutally honest, the incapability of our wonderful politicians(!). To say politicians cannot even organise a p*ss-up in a brewery is an understatement. Whatever is ailing the NHS, it is NOT of their own making. There might be errors because of being understaffed, doctors and nurses are simply overworked, over-tired and presently underpaid. I say all this because I had to go to the local Welsh hospital for a CT scan on my colon. Being a bit nervous, because the last one some years ago involved a long black pipe carrying some equipment and a light. But things progress, this time it involved a very short tube up the rectum which I did not even feel and a large round scanner. Being wheeled four times in various positions it was all over in under ten minutes! And this is my point, these machines, scanners and all the equipment that comes with it cost quite a bit. I should say a few millions? The NHS is to be commended for updating their equipment. The time it took pus the booking in process and brief waiting for the room to be vacated by the previous patient, was just under an hour! The other thing I noticed and I have not been to a hospital for a number of years, lucky certainly but the amount of obese people is actually staggering! I am not sure what is happening in the UK, are we so silly to eat everything bar the kitchen sink? No wonder the waiting times are horrendous in certain departments. We all know what can happen when we are overweight or even obese, Type 2 diabetes for one and a host of cancers. I am not saying sufferers must be left to their own devices but we all should know what is waiting if we do not take sound advice. Indeed the waiting rooms were full of people who perhaps if looking after themselves a bit better wouldn’t be there at all. It is not fair to expect the NHS to carry the burden of our collective inability to control our appetites! Let’s hope that in one way the growing population will make all of us think harder about how to produce food and how and what to consume!

Thursday, 28 April 2022

It is all pointless, just for wanting to be topdog...

So the UN chief said that war in the 21st century is an absurdity. Hurrah, someone saying the right thing. If you look at it, it is an absurdity. Here we have a large country just throwing its weight about. Unfortunately they are making a big mess of it as well. Its like a little baby throwing its toys out of the pram. I want it Mummy, gimme,gimme, gimme! Russia feels threatened, we should ask Eh? By what or by who? Russia could have had excellent trading relationships with all the countries around it. Most need the resources they have. Russia could have been the richest country on Earth even surpassing the US and China! But no, they want political control. How stupid can you get? Instead of swimming in gold plated baths, they have become the pariahs of the whole planet. 

But we have to be fair, the West has not always been squeeky clean either. We as well have thrown our weight around if things did not go our way. We really need to look at what makes humans do the actions we do, like war. In the days of wooden spears and clubs it was bad but not threatening the stability of the planet. Now we say, don’t mess with me I have atomic bombs. Looking at nature we see violence everywhere, fighting for wanting to be top man (or woman) or a non-binary person. Fighting to be the one with procreation rights. But on the other hand we have been given brains that can easily see where all that leads to. We can change. Perhaps we are at the end in real terms as research done in the past with rats shows what will happen. They put a few rats in a controlled space. All went well. They cooperated in obtaining the food supply, each took their turn. But the birthrate went through the roof because there was plenty of food (given by the researchers of course) and now the living space dramatically reduced for each rat. Guess what happened? Yes, war. They turned on each other. May be that explains Mr P’s behaviour in an overcrowded world. He should reflect that his country has enormous space and only some 150 million citizens. Compared with the US with over 250 million and Chine with 2 billion, they are minnows. Frankly they have no reason to go to war with another country but for vanity and ‘Look how strong I am’. Pointless like the UN chief said. 

 It is too easy to get into a mode of war frenzy. We all have wants and needs and unfortunately some of us wish to take it from the other person. By force if necessary. We might be better educated in the western world but we too can be as stupid as Mr P. is today. Perhaps it is high time to have a look at our way of governing. Are there better ways? Forget confrontation? If you want to see confrontation look no further than the UK parliament. Where you will see two sides shouting insults at each other. Luckily they are not fighting yet, don't need to with mobile phones to look at! 

Wednesday, 27 April 2022

Are we still sleeping or have now finally woken up?

It is beginning to look like some powerful people are having to take desperate measures. That is to say, the Russian leadership. Sergei Lavrov continually mentioning ‘We are driving towards a nuclear confrontation (with NATO?) knowing it is basically claptrap. His credibility is nil. Now Britain is in the viewfinder, as we are supposedly supporting Ukraine. It beats me when it seems the the Russians do not think there should be any retaliation from the Ukranian side. No, of course not I suppose it is very OK to just march into another country, virtually rape and plunder everything you can get your hands on. Kill a few thousands of civilians and you don’t expect people to fight back? How stupid can you possibly be? 

Has any Russian today have any credibility? If you call that brinkmanship you need a quick lesson in how to properly conduct yourself. To my mind the Russians are paranoid. They think they are a world power but in fact they are just a third world country with similar attitudes. They are a country with weapons they do not understand and have no problem with sacrificing their young men for their idea of ‘Greater Glory’ for the fatherland. 

Here in the West we have been lulled into a false sense of security, Russia was a trading partner. A valued trading partner but in reality under the cloak of respectability the ideas were always about restoring the erstwhile Soviet Union inclusive all the lands they then controlled. They have a lot of resources which pays for their weapons but to have weapons is not the same as how to properly use them! I really cannot see the point of nuclear weapons since using them and that by both sides, is tantamount to destroying our own living spaces. Including the food supply we all depend on. The planet itself would be sent back to an empty hulk and will start all over again. We are talking millions of years. Some species will survive but it won’t be humans or any of the other mammals. Fishes might well survive, and some insects as long as they were away from any detonation sites. Not nice I know but that is the level of education of politicians. 

Look at the negotiating skills of our politicos for instance, they couldn’t convince the Arabs to buy our sand. It is good quality sand, you know! Well, we should tell the Russians, we supply weapons to anyone who undergoes atrocities as seen in Ukraine. If you do not want the Ukrainians to retaliate just withdraw and go home. But it leaves unanswered questions – like what should we do with Russia afterwards? I think the Americans got it right, Russia needs weakening. In fact it needs its nuclear arsenal taken down, to be confiscated en bloc. The West needs to become more of one mind about dictatorial regimes. Russia is too big, it just needs dismantling. So, welcome Sweden and Finland and up yours, Putin. And thank you for ensuring that NATO is now pretty aware of what you are up to!

Monday, 25 April 2022

The world is the world but is it right?

Now that we know, more or less, what the Russians are up to which is no more or less than the total destruction of another country. Whether this will culminate in annexation of the whole lot or just parts of it and which will most likely cut the Ukraine off from the Black Sea, we will have to see. But I am going to be extremely critical. Has Britain been culpable in this? In fact has the Western World? In the UK we allowed the Russian mafia to buy up great amounts of property. In fact we were so eager to get their money we were happy to overlook their credentials. And let’s be fair these credentials were well known! In fact if you look at the way Britain is governed, do you believe we are really, really democratic? Yes, we talk a lot about it but we are still governed by an elite that have great ties to the aristocracy. We have our own oligarchs, just look at who owns Ineos and where he lives. Look at Branson who mostly resides somewhere in the Caribbean. I am not saying that these two have done wrong, no they just use the laws allowing a tax scheme or schemes benefiting them and their companies. Both probably have their personal money in tax havens. Precisely how the Russian oligarchs got so rich by plundering their country’s riches. Even worse, this was made easier by the KGB crowd who took over after Yeltsin. All warmly applauded by other countries, yes the US and Britain in particular. I am not suggesting Branson et al are plundering their country's riches but they sure use them. When you remember the tenure of the Labour party, when Blair was the main man, he too quickly was subsumed into the system. The system of Etonesque rule, aided and abetted by the learned Oxford idiots. Oxford is not really a university of academic excellence, it is a hotbed of sanctimonious claptrap.

I am beginning to enjoy this rant but let’s be fair the world as a whole is in great trouble. It is time to stop the talk and start the proper doing. When the Ukraine problem has been solved, one way or the other, we will have to adjust the policies to the new world order. More so stick by them. It seems we are heading to a much more confrontational world. If we do not have the right leaders I think this time will be the time when the human race will say a sad farewell to the planet. In fact, leave this planet in the state it was 12 billion years ago. So let’s get the facts out in the open, call a thief a thief and a rotten politician a rotten politician. Let’s get the reality out in the open. And remember this Russian proverb - “Fear the goat from the front, the horse from the rear, and man from all sides.” It shows how they look at the world.

Sunday, 24 April 2022

Walk around, seeing things that matter...

Rather than reading all the gloomy reports about global destruction from a nuclear confrontation between Russian idiots and American sillybillies I went walking in nature and discovered hidden in a small tuft of grass a nest of robins. Yes, life goes on. I nearly asked the robin nestlings what they thought of Putin but whilst they blinked with their eyes I didn’t think they had an opinion. That is strange as the Russians might well unleash nuclear armageddon which also would impact the robins. I just marvelled at how small they were. But you know, they have as much right to live as you and me! On my daughter’s property the germander speedwell grows profusely and I even noticed a harebell! Loads of buttercups at this time of the year and what surprised me there is a pair of grey wagtails that keep trying to get into the house! They tap their beaks onto the window, ‘Let us in’! I think the explanation was that prior to people living in the cottage at the time of extending the property it was open to the air at breeding time. They were probably nesting inside the building somewhere. But even more interesting red kites are now regularly seen hunting rabbits. Not so long ago these were extinct in Wales or nearly so. There was a farmer in Mid-Wales who started feeding these birds and now some are regularly seen as far south as Cardiff!. A real success story. Our whole family is very much attuned to nature and are pretty observant, especially about birds. Too many are now endangered thanks to unbridled house building and environmental destruction. What bothers me is the enormous decrease in house martins and swifts. In years gone by you would see hundreds flying over the small Welsh towns but now you will be lucky to see tens, perhaps twenty or so. My daughter has a barn which is open, one of the windows has lost the glass and last year two pair of swifts made a nest. These are still in situ and I hope that they will return as long as the Sicilian hunters have not shot them. Just hope and wait until the south wind blows again.

Veronica chamaedrys, the germander speedwell, bird's-eye speedwell, or cat's eyes, is a herbaceous perennial species of flowering plant in the plantain family Plantaginaceae. Considered a good luck charm for travellers, the bright blue flowers of Germander speedwell are meant to 'speed' you on your way. This reputation may well have come about because of its habit of forming large clumps in hedgerows, roadside verges and grassy lanes; it can also be found on grasslands and in open woodlands. The flowers appear from April to June (from The Wildlife Trust).

 The robin's nest is not too clear I did not want to disturb them too much. 

Tuesday, 19 April 2022

Is there a point to Twitter? Really??

Reading Twitter makes you think the world consists of only total idiots. I have always wondered who Alistair Campbell really is under that austere skin. But he appears to be devoid of any common sense whatsoever. But he is happy. I also wonder at the same time what is the point of Twitter. However, some of the exclamations of horror and indignation are quite fun to read. I wonder if Boris Johnson reads Twitter? If he does, does he sleep at all? 

Now I read that quite a few, more than 50 MPs are to be investigated. There seems to be only one thing MPs get investigated for and that is of a sexual nature. Whoaah! The Palace of Westminster a brothel now? It does not really surprise me, being cooped up with lovely low dêcolletage, mini-dress wearing secretaries it must do something for the nether regions, I think. These MPs, usually the male variety of course, cannot wait to get to the office to get to work(!). Should we ask what the state of British politics is in? Or should we admit that British politics is just another window on our society? It should be obvious if you are an avid reader of the SUN newspaper that sex is an activity uppermost in our thoughts at any time of the day. Obviously MPs not being an exception. I do think though that politics are taking a bit of a bashing. Wokery is all around, MPs fall over themselves to appease almost anybody with weird ideas of how we should live, how to call each other. Just ask Emily Thornberry.The problem as far as I can see is that hitherto cherished ways of society have been eroded by brain-dead individuals who have fixated ideas how we all should live. We have not yet learned how to deal with all of that. As a result we are in a moral vacuum. In that state anything goes. Interesting times indeed. It is remarkable to note the behaviour of people today with the behaviour displayed in war times. You might say we have grown up, well have we really? In the end we are the architects ourselves of the society we live in. If the majority do not stand up then minorities will always try to fill the vacuum. In the end there is one thing to say, if you want to be a leader then make sure you are indeed better than us, the worthy voters. If you want to make laws then you should be first and foremost abiding by them. If you want to change society make sure it will be suitable for all, not just you and your ideas. Having said that I can now go back and pick up the rubbish that all law abiding under 30’s love to throw about. Hallelujah!

Sunday, 17 April 2022

Is there a point in protesting?

It is rather interesting, this grouping called Extinction Rebellion (XR). Doing some interesting things like protesting by glueing themselves to road surfaces or other interesting things like the top of buses or trains. The funny thing is by doing that they actually doing more damage to the infrastructure than ‘saving’ the planet. The argument stated that they want to protest against the government falls flat because the ‘inconvenience’ is actually directed at the general population. I have been listening to some of the inane expressions of some of the ‘protesters’ and pretty quickly you come to the conclusion that here we have yet another set of people who have found their reason for living. Meaning they have found what they think is their purpose in life. 

 I read an ‘New Yorker’ article from 2017 which asked quite simply ‘Is there any point in protesting’? By Nathan Heller and he (I am assuming he is a ‘he’ and not a non-binary exclamation mark) he pointed out some of the American protests, some violent - remember the Trump Capitol demonstration, the Iraq war protests, and so on and on. Equally similar protests in London and other cities. Similarly with BLM. As he said ‘For centuries, on the right and the left alike, it has been an article of faith that, in moments of sharp civic discontent, you and I and everyone we know can take to the streets, demanding change’. But he also asks ‘What has protest done for us lately? Smartphones and social media are supposed to have made organizing easier, and activists today speak more about numbers and reach than about lasting results. Is protest a productive use of our political attention? Or is it just a bit of social theatre we perform to make ourselves feel virtuous, useful, and in the right’? 

In a book written by Nick Srnicek and Alex Williams, ‘Inventing the Future: Post-capitalism and a World Without Work Paperback – 4 Oct. 2016’, they questioned the power of marches and other manifestations of protest, calling it ‘folk politics’. Furthermore these methods, they say, are more habit than solution. Protest is too fleeting. It ignores the structural nature of problems in a modern world. Even more, these protests such as BLM, XR and more, show a lot of reasoning through individual stories, something journalists do too. In other words we make our minds up through listening to just a few individual stories. We stop systematically thinking about change. The change that would be needed to accomplish the intended result. Politics as a pastime, as a drug-experience but no effect on transforming society. 

It is an interesting view and one I agree with. From where I am sitting all the arguments, protests, destruction of property have had very little effect if at all, on society. Take the Colston statue as an example, did this do anything for the crofters in Scotland? Or the farmers in Mid-Wales who are losing thousands of pounds? Or even for the lowly young women (ask Anneliese Dodds what a woman is) secretaries in London? No, I didn’t think so either. Is there an answer? Possibly but I’m sure it does not include glueing yourself to the road.

Wednesday, 13 April 2022

Partygate? What's that again, I'm confused.

It is a funny country this, Britain. Formerly known as Great Britain. But OK, you cannot be great forever I suppose and certainly not when we are saddled with such incompetent MPs as we have today. Bar the very few who are worthy the rest can be just put out to grass. We have 650 of ‘m and 600 could be sent to one of those lovely Hebridean islands counting sheep. They would probably fail at that too. Anyway, it is true, we have lost all sense of proportion. Boris has been fined for attending a party or parties. Rishi Sunak the same, more to follow. In the past I have been scathing about Boris. Yes, he can be a bumbling nincompoop from time to time but let’s see what the opposition is so vociferous about. Headlines abound with the word ‘LIARS’. First of all it’s the only thing the opposition can talk about. There is nothing they know, economics is not a science they are aware of nor do they know what a woman is. This so-called Partygate in retrospect is just a gathering possibly badly judged at that time of lockdown, but government does not stop for a virus! So, they had a few drinks, possibly wore a silly hat, sang Rule Britannia badly and went back to the office (in the same building) phoning the wife saying ‘See you next year, I hope’. I think we need to rediscover a sense of proportion. Government as said, cannot stop for a virus. At the time Covid was around but recalling many TV appearances they did not think it would last as long as it has done. It was all pretty new. Eminent scientists were not entirely sure of what we were dealing with. Everything was up in the air! We must look at these issues in the light of all that confusion. Especially now that we are dealing, even could be involved, with an international incident of gigantic proportions. Simply put, if you are so incensed about Partygate then by all means when the world situation has settled down again, get rid of Boris pronto and get Starmer in. But do you think this will improve the Britain we love? No? I did not think so either.

Tuesday, 12 April 2022

What is the Suwalki Gap?

With various reports now circulating about Russia’s intentions I think it is becoming clearer as to what is happening. Obviously, Ukraine is but a start. I noticed a map on the news that showed the Kaliningrad Oblast enclave and the Russian intent to ‘reunify’ the enclave to Belarus, its staunch ally. The land in question is called the Suwalki Gap. It would however bring Poland and therefore NATO, in direct conflict. I might have to admit that it seems we are going down the route of a total war. It might end in a nuclear conflict unless both sides refrain from MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction). It ought to be obvious what road Russia is taking. It simply is to go as far and as fast as possible. It is a costly exercise, if I may say it like that. Given the poor command structure, the quality of the soldiers, the morale and problems with logistics, I am not at all certain how this will pan out. In sheer numbers the Russians would win any war. Just like the Chinese tried during the Korean war. But throwing great numbers of soldiers into the field does not equate a victory. Spirited defence, capable well trained soldiers, even with a shortage of weapons are still a formidable opposition! In fact history shows that in the majority of wars the initial underdog wins. The reasons cited by Russia to have attacked the Ukraine already shows the weaknesses and will be its eventual defeat. Western Europe may be safe for now but the northern states, Baltics, Finland, even Sweden may be in the eye of the Kremlin. If that happens Western Europe is no longer safe. It all sounds pretty grim, it may not happen but viewing Russia’s actions we cannot be sure. There is little chance of Russia ever succeeding but the damage will be great as shown in Mariupol and other places.

Viewing the destruction a fair question is, what’s your point again Mr Putin? I do feel that the Russian government, for whatever is left has distanced itself from the population generally. Through falsehoods, sheer propaganda and straightforward lies most of the people have quietly acquiesced with what is happening. But let’s wait until enough body bags return or sons, fathers, uncles simply have disappeared from the face of the Earth. That will be the time when questions will come thick and fast. In the meantime the West MUST totally support the Ukraine, even to the tune of putting soldiers in the field. Putin is only doing this war because because he thinks the West basically toothless. Too occupied with it’s own problems and dependence on Russian oil and gas. The West has basically been completely outmanoeuvred by Russia’s intransigence, time to get back our mojo! Or is it Bojo?

Friday, 8 April 2022

War or peace? That indeed is a question!

There is always a question about whether we should have peace or war. That is if you read social media. Take the Ukranian war. There is no doubt here we have a nation that has been summarily attacked. Practically without any foundation whatsoever. Although the attacking nation, Russia has said they wanted to ‘protect’ its nationals and change the government since it was run by neo-nazis. Obviously fabricated since there are more neo-nazis in Russia than in the rest of the world. Besides the Russian nationals in the Ukraine felt pretty safe except for the usual traitors who for some reason wanted to move their bit of land back into Russia. Similarly the Crimea. Well, so the choice was made – war. Not only that but it seems the intention was to literally destroy the cities and country through indiscrimate killing of ordinary civilians. Even worse prior to killing they were tortured. It has not worked the way the Russian leadership envisaged. Looking at the reports it just seems that Russia has an army consisting of conscripts, untrained conscripts like farmboys. Youngsters who have grown up with violent computer games like ‘Call of Duty’ or ‘Headshot 50’. They play the exact game but in real life! Plenty of work for the psychiaters I’d say.

The Ukranians with a more professional army have put up an incredible courageous fight which will continue. As I remember having put in a previous post, I believe that if the West will support the Ukraine for 100% Russia will lose this war. It might well come to that in time the Ukraine will be part of NATO. We have to remember though that NATO is a defensive organisation, not an offensive one. Bearing in mind NATO opposes or will oppose two offensive nations, Russia and possibly Chine before too long, we will need to change our attitudes. The choice is simple, Russia has shown its colours, it just wants total world domination. God knows why because up to now this idea and effort has never worked out. As the US has found out, it costs billions if not trillons! The US has never managed the job either! 

There is just one more thing to say – Ukraine must not lose its independence. The West should not allow that to happen. If we do, if we do not support Ukraine we will all be in the firing line before this century is out. People in Russia, generally speaking, do not know any different. They have been living like that for centuries. Putin will not be alive soon but the system will go on. Russia at the moment is getting rich on our lax attitude. From where I am sitting Russia is still weak. Russia has nuclear weapons. It also knows to have them is not the same as use them. MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) is still true. But there may come a time when some learned idiot (like Dr Strangelove in How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb!) will think the same. Let’s hope there are still some mental hospitals in Russia.

Thursday, 7 April 2022

Saving the economy or a 21st century folly?

Sometimes you read very interesting but worrying news in newspapers. Today I read that Starlink already had put quite a number of satellites up. In the order of 2,000 or so. Next we read that Elon Musk is preparing to blast another 2 to 3,000 into the air. We might begin to worry what this is about? Just think about thousands of satellites joining the debris already there! Is this a new plan to darken the sun? Meaning less heat for Earth? Is there scientific research that states we need to do this? Is this regulated? Far from me to say the good Elon is a nutter but I wonder about some of the commercial plans of his companies. Amazon also wants to get in on the act. I don’t want to be a killjoy but inside me a little voice is sounding – is this the next debacle to happen? I am not at all sure we need this so-called technology. Ostensibly for mobile phones blah, di-blah, di-blah, blah, blah! But surely is it not about time we sort out the planet’s problems first and foremost? I don’t believe these companies' promises that the satellites are needed to save money for other needed infrastructure necessary for faster mobiles. The cost of fuel, rockets production must outweigh the savings? I am only a lesser management accountant or rather was, but I would love to see the costed proposals. 

It is the same with our beloved politicians, when proposing policies that will save us all from doom, the words ‘This is costed and will save thousands’ are heard. The frank truth is that they have not costed anything and don’t really know how it will be working. The money comes from public funds. The big example of that is known as HS2. It was projected as the BIG SAVIOUR of the economy. Well, just have a look at how they spend the money. Actually I am in favour of getting a fit for purpose and well-run rail network but at the back of my mind is the nagging reality of a densely populated land where it is not easy to just obtain land to build anything of that size. It is just another policy that smacks of ‘We must not fall behind France’. Or Europe with it’s high speed trains. I have seen the reality in the Netherlands which wanted the link to the Channel Tunnel and France’s hi-speed network. They just built the rail lines next to the existing lines. Taking away precious farm land. All in the name of progress, so anyone who objected and there were quite a few, were deemed to be anti-human and diehards. Still all to no avail. You can now get to Parish quicker by train than by plane. Hurrah, Montmartre is now inundated with Dutch ‘hippies’. Just wondering if the French are now happier? 

Tuesday, 5 April 2022

Is Russian DNA the same as ours? Hmmm..

Simply because the world is in a bit of a state right now with all the bad news from East Europe, the Middle-East tensions that still simmer, the growing problem in the Pacific where China is beginning to stretch its legs, you might be wondering if humans read history books? We just don’t get it, do we? I watched an interesting TV program about genetics. This was looking at how much different our DNA was compared with that of Neanderthals. They had managed to obtain some from Neanderthal skeletons. It so worked out that due to some wonderful sex sessions Homo Sapiens interbred with Neanderthals. You know how it goes, I see this behaviour every day in the Rhondda town where I am an unpaid observer. A couple of drinks in the local pub, and any woman or girl will do. Today though it is not just men, women as well can put a few drinks away. So, things have not altered much, party times continue. As such Neanderthal DNA can be found in Homo Sapiens today. In fact 2 to 3% of our DNA is Neanderthal. Not only that, it is believed that some diseases we suffer today have their root in that DNA. I have mentioned before in a fit of trying to be light-hearted about a serious subject, Neanderthals having moved to the Kremlin. Viewing the TV program makes me now think I did the Neanderthals a disservice! It seems some Russians are even further removed from the human or Neanderthal DNA. More akin to chimpanzee DNA. Maybe this is as a result of Russians having been in Africa a bit too long?

By the news items coming out of that very sad place we need to redefine what it means to be Russian. Whilst I would agree that you cannot equate all people, I do think that the Russians need to be re-educated about how to be fair and firm. However, viewing the education system there I fear that it would take two life times. Possibly even more. The damage that war has caused to their country, notwithstanding the damage done to the Ukraine and continuing in warnings to both Finland and Sweden about joining NATO, will take more than a century to heal, if at all possible. Even today a lot of European nations and their people view Germans and Germany with some trepidation. That was the result of two world wars, also with untold misery, death and destruction. Scientists still are pondering as to how and especially why normal people allow all of this. Normal people meaning also the majority. The problem is that these madmen gather like-minded people around them or make them dependent or even instill abject fear! But unpredictability needs careful watching because as was with Hitler, all sense of reality is absent. So it is within the Kremlin.

Monday, 4 April 2022

Symmetry or chaos?

Friends of mine ask sometimes, ‘Since you go to church, you must believe in God’. Well, actually I have news for them I don’t believe in God as such if you think about an old man sitting on a cloud. Or that I equate Jesus with God. I am not sure if that is heresy, I don’t really care. I do however believe in a universal force. A force containing both good and bad. Positive and negative. Matter and anti-matter. Light and dark. There are many scientific bits and bobs that try to answer the question of whether God exist or not. As I mentioned before something about symmetry, you will be able to discern that the universe is not symmetrical for 100%. You would have thought pending your view of the world that there is more bad than good or that there is less positivity, or even more matter than anti-matter. The answer is yes and no! I am not sure about good or bad actions, viewing the Ukrainian war which is bad. If there is symmetry it would have to be cancelled out by something good somewhere else. I think the generosity shown towards Ukrainian people here in the UK shows the opposite of bad. Thousands will be welcomed and put in with ordinary people. In fact I think this happens all over Europe.

Also there seems to be definitely more matter than anti-matter so that does not seem right in view of our argument about symmetry. It is an intriguing concept and needs further thought and possibly investigation by scientists. But where does this leave the argument about whether God exists or not? For me it just doesn’t matter, I have an open mind. God exists. Whether in the form that lots of people think or God is just a wispy cloud, I think it would be more like God is everything you will see around you. Inclusive, that is to say the whole Universe and beyond. If there are multiple universes as is thought possible then that is included as well. We are all part of God. I suppose this thought is not particularly unique, there must have been eminent people with similar thoughts. But it makes sense if there is such a thing as symmetry.The choice is symmetry or chaos. Both exist?

Chaos certainly does! So I think the opposite does as well. The choice is ours. But I must have a look at some research that says the Universe is chaotic. Interesting. Perhaps I should also look at the opposite of 'chaotic' - that is 'ordered'!

Sunday, 3 April 2022

More food or less food? Treat your soils as a friend...

For all those people who like agriculture or let’s call it farming, you will like a BBC programme called ‘Countryfile’. Last Sunday was show the benefits of nurturing the soils and how to get away from artificial fertilisers. The farmer in question, Adam was rather interested because he was shown the differences of his farm soils compared to those of his neighbour’s farm. Those soils were far richer in micro-organisms, were more fertile. The reason was that ‘David’ was not using fertilisers but treated his soils in the old way. Manuring and leaving them to rest from time to time. The results were quite astounding. The good thing about such programmes is that other farmers might well want to do these things as well since fertilisers have risen in price six-fold! It seems a win-win situation by using less or no fertilisers and getting healthier soils. It was also said that grasslands are great carbon sinks. That alone would be good news for the planet. It is easy to be despondent about the planet’s ecosystems or rather the pressures that are put onto them but it is not all bad news as long as humanity generally is willing to change things around. Even desert areas can benefit from changing our behaviour and practices. In the end money talks and as long as the finances make sense things can change rapidly. But may I ask one thing, leave the politicians at home please as these people can put a jinx on almost anything they do.

As the world’s population is still growing rapidly we certainly need to look at how we produce food. We need to understand the biological make-up of soils, and if needed how to improve them. It seems that we are too fond of mono-culture and I have seen this in my own garden where I grew one type of crop year on year. Then wondering why following years were not so good or even no fruit at all! It certainly pays to work with nature and not in the way humans would prefer. Because that way is folly and will lead to diminishing food production.Meaning possible starvation in some regions of the world.

Saturday, 2 April 2022

Electric power? What power...

It is something I have worried about for a time. Wind power. Where I live (in Wales) you will see more and more wind turbines. Completely disfiguring the landscape. So far so bad I suppose but it throws up an age-old argument about Wales being used again for the enrichment of the English. Just like the coal era. But looking at the issue it shows up quite a number of fallacies. At the moment a report in the Telegraph indicates only 7% of the electricity needs are met by wind turbines. It is actually down from a 2020 high of 25%! That is because of the relative calmness of the air, ie not enough wind. So you will note the volatility! We have had a few storms but the vanes will stop for fear of collapse. So wind turbines are not particularly dependable. Besides of the other argument about employment by building these monstrosities when they are mostly built abroad, the whole issue falls apart because a. There is volatility in the electricity market which bodes badly for the 2030 demand to ban petrol and diesel vehicles and b. it shows yet again the lack of proper planning by politicians. Politicians make plans in a day which are carried out the following day, all without considering possible issues like cost, pay-back, pressures on the environment. These are all just glossed over and not discussed. Even if one or two politicians try to open up the debate they are quickly silenced with promises of advancement or side-lined, even demoted. In Wales it has been proposed a few times that Swansea Bay can be made partially into a lagoon, meaning harnessing the tides. This it was projected to provide reliable (!) power for thousands of homes. Yet it has been refused time and time again. You must ask why. No money? Perhaps, yet there is enough to plaster the country with wind turbines.

You will note there seems to be a strange attitude in the power circles of Westminster and Cardiff. All politicians burble on about this and that rule or law coming about cars, the banning of fossil fuels, yet no-one really seems to worry about providing or even improving the infrastructure needed to service these demands. There will be more and more electric cars, year on year but so far in only a few local supermarkets they have put one or two charging points. A few more at motorway stations. As a result my own daughter had to pay nearly £1000 to have her own charging point at home. There are just not enough local charging points. As a result she has to plan her route to work just to ensure she can get there and back! Indeed, interesting times. You will note there are things that just do not add up. I have mentioned before that politicians only are interested in laws or actions that pay dividends for them personally. 

Meaning they want to see a result within their tenure of being an MP or AM or whatever. It is just very poor management. We really have to look at the standard of candidates for office. Or at least ensure that those who make the decisions are capable and have the required management experience!

Friday, 1 April 2022

Woke people - just beat it!

Are we not fed up with all this wokery? Is it not time we tell these idiots to shut the cake-hole? Disband LGBT+, disband BLM and all other social media incompetents. Let me say this to all those who believe Britain to be the evil manifestation of humanity. The British empire does not exist anymore, it left the planet after WW2. Slavery was abandoned here before anywhere else! It is time to take a reality check! Now let me say this, I was not born in Britain but since marrying a Welsh girl have lived in Wales and obtained British citizenship. That day was one of the best days of my life! Britain is one of the best countries to live in if not the best! I just love to read its history. Like all history, of every country, region or continent, history has its good and bad sides. As I have said many times before, you must learn from history, not repeat it! Certainly not repeating the bad. This continual snapping at British history has to stop. I sometimes feel that those who denigrate Britain should leave as fast as possible! If you are so unhappy about Britain, the ticket office of the Channel tunnel will be only too happy to sell you a single to the continent. Besides, there are many inflatables left in Dover!

For myself I am proud to be called a British national. I absolutely dislike people who keep on about things they have absolutely no knowledge about or experience of. There are however many things wrong in the UK, and one of them is the use of social media for spouting idiot theories. Let me be clear, slavery is abhorrent, no-one would disagree, except those people who have no problem with using others to enrich themselves. Another thing we need to look at is how we want to be governed. Presently we seem to have far too many pen-pushers both in government and industry. Form-filling has become a national pastime. It has to stop. Shuffling papers across desks is not productive and does nothing for innovation! We must build a just society and that means we all have to abide by rules. Rules of law and rules of behaviour. It is high time that we have a hard look at our own behaviour in general. We must celebrate our country, its history, its impact on the world and more so continue to be generous to those who have much less. We need a government that recognises this and will work to that goal. So get on with it Boris and don't be a jerk!