Wednesday, 23 March 2022

Will the Sheikh be right or wrong?

Reading the Daily Express’ editorial a day or so ago by Leo McKinstry I begin to believe they read my blog! The good Leo, one of the best providers of a good political article mentioned the prevalence of British society to sell itself off to the highest foreign bidder. P&O being the latest example. Plus of course that there is a smell of political intrigue about it. The company is owned by a Dubai registered company, in turn owned by a sheikh. It just so happens the sheikh is friendly with a certain Russian despot. As Leo points out ‘Who thinks this is a good thing? You leave the nation open to political manoeuvres’. This of course is also behind the West’s need for oil and gas which over the years came from Russia in ever greater quantity. Meaning we became dependent and that now is being used by Russia to some success. There are many other companies owned wholly or partially through stock-holding by foreign investors. It is not that all is bad but it does make our economy open to nefarious action! It seems to me that we have to decide what is important to us here in the UK. Energy for instance here in the UK is run by two big foreign companies. I don’t need to name them. We all know who they are but again, in fraught times foreign ownership can be against our interests. The problem here is the idiotic minority who believe in the global trading idea. Such as no borders, no limits on trading and other nations can buy anything as long as they pay the money. The question needs asking – who benefits? It does not seem to be UK plc! As Leo said succinctly ‘foreign ownership of UK plc is a threat to our sovereignty’. Exactly now seen with the P&O shambles.

You may ask why the sheikh has allowed this to happen? Oil prices have risen sharply across the world, that will be of benefit to the Arabic world. Secondly being ‘friends’ with the Russian dictator will hopefully benefit the Arab world, not perhaps right now but later on when things have calmed down. That is a gamble on who will win and prevail in this new world struggle. The West or Russia? If I was the sheikh I would be a bit more careful in making my decisions! Just watch and learn!

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