Monday, 28 March 2022

What's the matter with us? You may well ask...

Does anyone think this is a funny world? No? Perhaps we should. On the one hand we have a terrible calamity in the Ukraine where millions of people are displaced, have their livelihoods annihilated and on the other hand we have an idiot American actor hitting another idiot American actor because of what was said about his wife. I listened to that and frankly I agree, some peoples’ hairdo is ghastly. But apparently in this case we are talking about a hair disease called alopecia. It brings me to comment on the general trend of women to show as much flesh as possible. May I ask what the rationale is? Is it women want to excite men because they think on the whole most men are gay? Looking at it from a biological angle and that all animals do similar things such as parading in front of the opposite sex in order to acquire a mate for procreation, you would have thought it should be men partly undressing and parading in front of drab women! But no, humans have a totally different idea. I look at men shown on TV and they are mostly all dressed the same. Perhaps different colour combinations but still jacket, trousers, shirt and tie or ticky-bow. You do not see much chest hair or bare legs. Besides I could not do that because I have no chest hair and my nipples are a sight for very sore eyes.

But let’s go back to poor Chris Rock. How was he still standing after that upper-cut? Or let me be the cynic I really am, was this pre-arranged? There is that possibility and I think, a fair assumption. Or Will Smith’s level of alcohol consumption was off the scale! I must say the performance was great. Worthy of a movie, to be called ‘How I ruined my career in one swipe’. Perhaps an upper cut like that performed should be exported to the Kremlin in order to teach a certain despot some manners and ram it into his head that waging war is an absolute no-no in this day and age. We are not cave men anymore. But perhaps Russians have been left behind and are really still Neanderthals. I have always thought it funny Neanderthals had disappeared but obviously I am wrong. They just emigrated to the Kremlin. It shows in some of the inane comments from there. It shows brainpower and constructive thinking being absent. Friends, we are really badly served by those whom we elect to lead us.

We all should really have a very good look at the standard of those who stand for office, government or other. Not before time!

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