Friday, 4 March 2022

Some naked truths? Well....

Watching TV programs is a tiring exercise. At present there is nothing much but the war in the Ukraine. This morning the report was particularly worrying to hear about the shelling of a nuclear powerplant! You must forgive me but have Russians a thing called a brain? It must be obvious to all that Russia has become a rogue state, a pariah on this planet. How did the largest country on Earth descend so low? How in all honesty did we all allow a Mafia gang to take over a government? Russia always has had a problem, it did not become the largest country by shelling peas! It did so by naked aggression and by all means still does so today. Just look at its history! From Catherine the Great to Vladimir Putin. It is not a happy book. I am sure there is something wrong with politicians across the world. Some are hiding distinct unsavoury traits. I read something a long time ago that said only people with enormous sex drives become politicians and pending their genetic make-up will become despots. Yes, harems included. By all accounts Mr Putin is such an example. Again also looking at Boris you might wonder, how many wives and others did you say? All that might be true or not as the case may be but you just wonder don’t you?

The question remains, how do we resolve this problem of Russia? Obviously as has been correctly assumed we cannot allow an all-out war because Russia will make it nuclear. I wonder again at the standard of politicians in that country. But we can do much more than that. It has always been successful if you hit an adversary in the pocket. Curtail their spending power, make them scramble for life’s necessities. Another question to be answered is this – why are there so many Russian rich people in the UK? Needs looking at! 

In the meantime we need to re-align our own power needs. Gas from Russia will be a no-no very soon. It may well be that the power industry needs to be re-nationalised. Or parts of it. To leave it entirely in the hands of business moguls is courting disaster for most British households. In the eyes of these companies, like EDF et all, profits matter, as such prices will always rise, and as reported might hit £3000 per annum and that’s just for gas. Well, whatever the future will bring it’s going to be more costly. So let's watch our wallets!

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