Wednesday, 16 March 2022

Some interesting view of the future? You decide...

Don’t think I am sort sort of a warmonger but may I ask what the purpose of these ‘peace talks’ between the Ukraine and Russia are all about? From my perspective there is little point in talks when one side simply puts its demands on the table and states ‘These are non-negotiable’. So the Ukraine will cede quite some territory and states it will never join NATO. Putin can now say to his people, 'Look I did not want this war but we have secured our safety by destroying the neo-nazis'. In other words he will come out as the saviour of the nation. Even worse, the West will drop all sanctions because we must have the oil and gas and everything will be hunkydory again. 

Except, it will not be hunkydory. Russia will under its present government by one man continue with its belligerent stance, and continue to aggravate the smaller nations bordering it. The whole exercise was always about restoring the Soviet Union and IT WILL STAY LIKE THAT. It is possible that the two largest nations on Earth, China and Russia who hold enormous resources will try to completely dominate the planet. Frankly, that is what totalitarian states always try to do. The West does not seem to understand the real position it is in. Diminishing resources, over-reliant on oil and gas mainly from Russia as it stands today, international squabbling over fishing rights, destruction of its forests and over population. These things alone and even further increasing, will in the end if we do not address them, destroy our freedoms. You can already note the dash of western leaders, especially Boris to the oil rich Middle East. He is not there to have a holiday and not even to complain about the Saudis killing over 80 most likely non-guilty people but to ensure oil will flow to the UK. So, you can see how that goes. We, the population mostly only care whether we can drive our car(s) and can go on a holiday to Spain to tan our skin cancers but the price of all of that will have to be paid. Already we have heard that climate warming is now irreversible. Some legacy we have left to our grand children. So when this Russian war is over and even a big country like Russia cannot go on losing men and material in the way they are, we must take our security topmost. We need to shore up this island, invest in completely overhauling our infrastructure. Get rid of outdated political systems and most of all rid ourselves of being reliant on oil and gas. 

Just a little aside, I read this morning that Nazanin, is freed! the Iranians have let her go, returned her passport. So let's hope the family, her family, in Britain will now be re-united. But politically speaking did Britain after all these years pay the £400million? It seems so. Apparently it was about Chieftain tanks not being delivered. Yeah, that's the UK for you. But I am going to be a bit more cross-eyed here, might this also have something to do with oil? Has Nazanin, plucky lady as she is and has been for six years, been used as a pawn? Hmmm, don't hold your breath. British politicians can be as two-faced as the Russians are.

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