Tuesday, 29 March 2022

Some interesting opinions and questions...

One of my friends, yes I have some, wanted to discuss ‘What do you think of the melting of the icecaps’? We have a discussion evening at the local church which encompasses almost everything under the sun! From LBGT+ and why it seems they want to alter the whole of society in their image to whether it could be true that there is an alternate universe where time runs backwards. Well, melting icecaps is a question that can easily be answered, yes it does melt and yes it is very likely humanity’s fault. Corroborated by the raised sealevels. The levels today have advanced already in such a way that the coasts of Wales are now under accelerated threat of destruction by metres every year. Very likely aided by the increased number of heavy storms. We recently had three 90 mile an hour storms in one month! 

So, yes the icecaps are melting and the accompanying rise of sea levels. But of course it all hinges on the climate warming which is not likely to stop. Not at least for quite a number of years, even if we curb our production of CO2 and other greenhouse gases right now. It is not an easy thing to discuss as the problem is also linked to our economy. That is to say, the petrol and diesel sales put billions of pounds into the national treasury! More, society is now completely dependent on the car! I know more electric cars are sold today but it is nowhere near what would be required to make a small dent in our CO2 and nitrous oxide gas levels.

It will be interesting to find out how the government is going to recoup lost revenue due to the rise in electric cars. Don’t hold your breath we will know soon enough methinks.

Thinking also about this universe next to ours, where time runs in the opposite direction. This tickled me pink as I would start my life as an old man, rising out of the ground with all the mourners welcoming me back. I’d better not go the whole hog as I am not sure whether mothers would welcome to receive the baby in a natural way. The idea is about symmetry. The scientist who proposed this stated that there must be symmetry. Much like matter and antimatter but when these two meet it will be BANG . But there has to be something left as energy will be released and quarks. Apparently when matter and antimatter were created after the BB there must have been equal quantities (i.e symmetry) but that’s not what we see, there is more matter than antimatter. So, asymmetry. But why? Yes, if I could answer that I would be buried next to Einstein. But could this alternate universe be made from antimatter? That would create symmetry again. Sorry, I am going to bed, I have a headache.

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