Thursday, 24 March 2022

Slavery, a scourge from the past...

Does anyone marvel at the amount of wokery – just for those who have never heard this word, it reflects the acts by people to make the ‘bad’ things that happened in the past to be the guilt of people today – so, a load of fun to be had then! Take slavery, obviously a very bad thing. But let’s remember one thing during those days most of Europe was engaged in that trade. France, Holland, even Germany and Italy. Even worse, black people in Africa were actually engaged in that trade by rounding up and ‘selling’ prisoners to the white enslavers. BLM was reported to demand an apology from the Royals for these heinous acts. Sure, but what has this to do with today? We should just remember these acts and ensure they will never be repeated! As I have mentioned a few times before, you CANNOT change history but you can learn from it. Something that someone should say to a certain Russian despot!

Slavery, for those who do not have a clue what it is, is the holding of people against their will and usually make them work for their keep. The work being unpaid and extremely hard and dangerous. It sounds easy to some extent but the deprivation was enormous and many deaths occurred. The problem with humanity and this goes for BLM just as well, is that people generally love to pontificate about past wrongs without actually mentioning that these self-same things happen today as well. To highlight the past to examine its reasoning, to look for the why’s and how’s is not a bad thing but to put the blame on people today is just idiotic. 

No-one in BLM mentions the Victorian age in Britain, the abject slavery that hid in the slums. The people, white people mostly suffering early death through the work and the absence of medical services. Housing if you were lucky, had no sanitation and sewage just ran along the gutters. These things don’t happen today, well mostly not because we have learned from history. We learned how to improve our own standards. So, I would say to the likes of BLM, thanks for highlighting the errors of the past, now ensure we do not repeat them!

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