Monday, 14 March 2022

Perhaps a timely warning...

Reading the Daily Express this morning my eye fell upon a small side panel article headed, ‘Millions have their ID stolen’. We have 55 million adults in the UK and supposedly 9% have been fleeced. Wow! Are we gullible or what? Five million lost money or had their identity taken from them. Interesting. The down side is this, are we losing that money to Russian fraudsters? Well, I suppose a sizable chunk of it will, yes. We also have plenty fraudsters here, so my question is – what does the police do? Besides drinking coffee in the office? Besides all of that what do WE do, each of us to obstruct the criminal? I suspect most of us are pretty lax in that field. How many operate VPNs? How many have passwords that are little better than not bothering at all? How many just blaze all their details to websites without abandon? Surely each and everyone of us has responsibility to ensure their data is as secure as possible? If you use a password, something like 1234 then don’t be surprised you find yourself duplicated many times and your bank account is empty. If you click on an email from Anna the Russian beauty who desperately wants you to look at her and f**k, again don’t be surprised your computer will have acquired some extra software monitoring all you do. Say goodbye to your money and say hello to the year long dispute with your bank to try to get your money back! It is basically very simple, don’t rely on businesses you deal with to save your data, they won’t. Give them as little as possible. Use a dummy email address, there are plenty of instructions on the Web about how to do that. I myself operate 5 separate addresses. Only one is GMail and that is accessible only with a security key. You have to watch Google, it is a pretty good way to use the Internet but be aware it takes as much data from you as it can. It is useful to now and again check Google and delete data you do not want them to have. Above all do not click on anything you do not recognise or click on spam messages. Have a look at one of my previous inputs. I am really an ordinary user of the Internet but I have pretty good security measures. Lastly do not use a free VPN, they use your data to sell to anyone who wants it. Paid for services are much better and have strict security measures in place. You can also use TOR but I do not since it decidedly slows down your system. But if you are paranoid, please go ahead. That’s it, be aware and stay in control, stay safe!

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