Saturday, 12 March 2022

Perhaps a timely warning?

People are beginning to glibly talk about World War 3. It is somewhat understandable seeing what is happening in the Ukraine. But do we really know what that entails? Once the cat is out of the bag there is no stopping the demise of the human race. It will not just be atomic bombs, no it will also include thermonuclear bombs (aka hydrogen bombs). These have the destruction potential of flattening the whole of London including up to 20 mile radius. If one fell on the capital of Wales, Cardiff, even Bristol could be badly affected. 

So, in that respect I follow the West’s policy of not getting militarily involved bar the supplying of weapons. I do believe that the financial repercussions to the Russian nation will prove to be quite severe especially as the Russian population are swallowing the government’s propaganda. War, and it is a war, does terrible things to the mind. In fact this war will have a very long tail. The Russian nation will not be the same after, even though Mr Putin will survive for a while. 

I believe that this war will have the opposite effect of what the Russians wanted. The Ukraine will become a member of NATO and be a powerful nation at that. It is far larger than France and also has or had nuclear capabilities. Russian by doing this has opened the cage of a tiger. It will take time for the tiger to appreciate where it is and where the quarry is but it will find it. If as has been reported Putin is ill, which I do not believe as it is just propaganda, even so he will go down as the most stupid man of this century. As a politician a complete failure. As a leader, one that has forsaken his duties to his nation. A bully which was shown on his televised rants. How a big nation can sink so low is beyond me. But it is not unknown, Germany did the same twice but remember its result. Germany was flattened. Let’s hope we do not have to do the same to Russia!

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