Friday, 18 March 2022

It's smelling like rotten fish...

The world’s politics and obviously all those who are involved in it, such as politicians, are getting murkier everyday. Just look at what P&O the shipping company has been up to. Most people I know think that P&O are a sound British company. Well, think again. P&O apparently are owned by a company called DP World. That seems to be run from Dubai and its chair is a sultan. DP World has made good profits and even P&O seemed to be in good health last year. According to the Daily Express it paid its owners £270million in dividends. So, what has changed? Some murky financial dealings? Now we read that 800 employees are to go, just like that and blackleg crews flood in. But even worse, DP World has Russian connections, with the Russian state owned (I.e Putin) nuclear energy group Rosatom. Do I smell a big rat here? I certainly do! I can say just one thing to the British government and Boris in particular, wake up chaps! You are being out manoeuvred by a criminal set-up. I suppose one can call it world politics but this is totally unnecessary sheenanigans.

As I have said before, we have to shore up our defences, we have to start being less, much less, polite in foreign politics. Meaning we have to call a criminal, a criminal, and certainly don’t give out titles to foreigners! Even ‘Sleepy Joe’ Biden has got it right for once. The indiscriminate shelling of Ukrainian cities is an act that will put Russian leaders in the dock at the Hague, in the International Court of Justice. It is showing up the real situation and that is that Russia is not a great military strategist. It has the numbers but numbers alone do not make a victory. The Russians are very alike the Mongols of old, trying to overrun a territory and butchering everyone in their way. That is until they find a well-disciplined, and able military force. Even those who have less in numbers. Discipline, and a burning desire to save the land you belong to in the end will always win. You see this all over history. So, it is my opinion that Putin cannot read, knows nothing about history and hasn’t a clue about strategy. Much like Hitler then. We know what happened to Hitler. So, where is the bunker in Moscow? Do we know? Just keep open the door, it will be used pretty soon!

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