Tuesday, 1 March 2022

History repeating itself?

Just as it was in 1945 Russian rapists and indiscriminate killers are on the loose again. Not in Germany but now in the Ukraine. Nice people these Russians. This sort of talk obviously comes from my feelings of disgust. Disgust that people like that do actually exist. I am pretty aware that most Russians would be equally disgusted when they finally learn about those sort of atrocities perpetrated by their countrymen. I suppose if you could have been in that Kremlin boardroom with comrade Putrid it would have gone something like this: ‘How are we doing at the moment General Kowalski? Kiev OK now? No? What!!! What do you mean, resistance? These people are potato crunchers, they have no fight in them? Right, start shelling houses and flats, I don't care how you do it. Show ‘m who’s boss, you hear? Kill, kill and let’s get it over with. If Kiev is not in my hands by teatime, I’ll have your head and your wife’s’. Or words to that effect, most likely interspersed with plenty of Russian swear words. 

When I saw that TV shot on the news yesterday with two generals listening to ‘il supremo’ with drawn faces, you will know who calls the shots. But why would people be so afraid? Well, it is a fact that in Moscow, the Kremlin is basically a fortress. If you are in the halls of blood then your life is no longer your own, it is Putin’s. You dare to voice an opinion and your death will be announced in next day’s Pravda! There is only one manager, all others are just cattle.

What I and a lot of people cannot get is that we have such barbarity in 2022! It is really true, we are just clothed apes. Not very far removed from chimps. In fact chimps behave better. When you see children dying in front of their own mother we should all be asking ‘Why do we allow this?’ I realise western thinking about proliferation. But there has to be a stop somewhere? If Putin is so hellbent on global domination, what does he in all honesty think he will inherit? A global radioactive poisoned globe? What is the point in that? Putin standing on a hill looking over the empty plains where radioactive dust storms rage, spreading out his arms calling out ‘It’s all mine, mine’ and ends with a cackling laugh. Only there is no-one that listens. He is alone. Such is the destiny of all idiots that think themselves invincible.

Obviously a hypothetical few words but let’s ensure they do not become the truth.

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