Tuesday, 29 March 2022

Does Social Media matter at all? Hmm...

Britain today is bedevilled by a vociferous minority, actually a few minorities, who are constantly trying to get their agenda to the forefront. The forefront meaning the media such as Twitter, Facebook, main stream BBC news channels and so on. These minorities are actually individuals who have aligned themselves with a opinion stream. For instance the Partygate questions had thousands of people on Twitter spouting off about their opinion on the matter. Mostly in derogatory terminology. In one way, although I do not contribute to Twitter I do read and laugh. But frankly it is not really a laughing matter. Facebook I evade like the plague. In my mind Partygate is one of those things you can comment on as it is basically a stupid thing to do in view of the regulations they themselves set up to combat the spread of the Covid virus. They being the top officials of the British government. But is it a police matter? Are you sane? Of course not. There should be a fine of a couple of grand per person or whatever the fine is for a public misdemeanor like that. That’s it in a nutshell. To ask for the PMs extermination (sorry, resignation, I got carried away a bit here), is totally silly. He has some remarkable qualities, one of which is his standard of hair combing but his leadership on the question of the Ukrainian war is exemplary. 

He was the first to start the ball rolling with sanctions. Closing airspace to Aeroflot (Russian airways) amongst many. It took the rest of Europe and America a long while to catch up. French dithering as usual and the Germans deliberating what they should do in view of their dependence on Russian oil and gas. In the end the Germans decided to follow and even increase military spending! The dislike between Germans and Russians is still very much alive it seems. Boris’ speed in decisive action including military help supplying weapons for defending air space, munitions and more plus military manpower to the Baltics must have rattled those in Brussels. The financial clout of the West is still considerable and does hurt Russia being shut out. However, let’s not be smug Russia is a world power and needs be treated like that. It might have backward ideas and it’s military strategies need a serious looking at but we should not underestimate Russia. Although it is time to show that country it cannot do the things it does today. The world is already in serious trouble thanks to humanity’s use of fossil fuels, we need all countries working together to combat the heating up of the atmosphere. We do not need any country to invade another for whatever reason.So, in retrospect, social media has made no difference to anything except to show those who participate as complete idiots. The biggest idiots are those politicians who take it seriously, or use it to their advantage. Perhaps it is wrong to suggest, viewing free speech and all of that, social media must be regulated. Strongly regulated. Boris, get on with it, show a bit more of that Churchillian mettle!

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