Sunday, 6 March 2022

Atilla resurrected? Hmmm....

Atilla The Hun is not dead, he is very well and alive. Today it is Atilla the Russian. Humanity has learned nothing. We are still as barbaric as shown in the Ukraine. The Daily Express reported what a Ukrainian minister said – Russians are raping our women. Unfortunately it is also something I have said before. Just like in 1945 the Russian gangs are let loose. Like they do not already have enough prostitutes in Moscow. It is becoming clear that the world might be working towards a nuclear confrontation. The Russian nation has no right to exist in the form it has today. Putin instead of being a world revered politician has become no more than a caged rat. Unfortunately he has one claw on the self-destruct button. Any country that can inflict such damage to another country without reason has no rights whatsoever. The complete governing ‘elite’ are to be tried as war criminals. For Putin there is only one fate, let loose naked and alone in the centre of Kiev’s main plaza.

But for the moment it is what it is, a total mess. You are also seeing the total impotent Russian government when just one man without any thoughts orders the largest army on the planet to invade another country on the premises to ‘clean’ it from nazis. If Putin is so worried about nazis he has only to look no more than a few metres further from himself. Besides all of that, the planning on the grounds of a three day incursion or known as a ‘walk-about’, did not quite pan out. Stiff opposition put that to rest. On top of that it might now well turn out the costliest exercise of all times for the Russians. It might even turn out that the Ukraine will invade Russia or rather the territories Russia has taken so far to get them back. Well, let’s not hold our breath, there is a long way to go. It will be costly, yes even for us. Russia must be shown that in 2022 we cannot tolerate such action.

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