Wednesday, 23 March 2022

Anything wrong? Well, you decide...

For a long time I have been very critical of politicians. Yes, I am not proud of it. The task of sitting on your backside in a rat-infested Victorian or even earlier, building; shouting your head off at the opposition or the governing party, is an erroneous job, isn’t it? There are quite a few good MPs but it seems these mostly sit on the backbenches. The ones who have degrees in designing gardens sit on the front bench. It should be obvious that things are not how they should be. OK, so what can be done? Most people I know and believe me, most of the UK population are of the same mind is that we have to manage immigration much, much better. It is not about curtailing immigration, it is about properly managing it so that we get those who can benefit society and not a drain on scarce resources. The inevitable demands we always hear is that they ‘are persecuted’. Most of the time that is patently untrue. Most immigrants are just looking for a better life, and frankly who wouldn’t? But there have to be rules and regulations, it cannot be a free for all.

This question of immigration is closely linked with the world’s population. The planet is trying to support nearly 8 billion humans and that’s about the limit. Even with so many already the climate is turning on us and the resources such as things to eat, grow food, are perilously close to a total collapse. The Sahara desert and possibly other deserts as well, are advancing and growing year by year and accelerating. Despite many, many warnings the plastic poisoning of the world’s oceans and seas are also a growing menace. Even in my provincial backwater you can note the callousness of humans, mostly those under 35 through their abject treatment of the environment. The human disdain for the sanctity of life is shown everywhere, not least in the Ukraine. 

One of my wanting to stand on a pedestal and shout is about the failure of our planning systems. It seems to be a competition which authority can place as many houses as possible on green fields and not worry about the needed infrastructure. Ours known as RCT is in the forefront. When I came to Wales to live with my Welsh born wife there were barely 10,000 people around but before long that doubled. What however did not ‘double’ was the number of dentists and doctors (GPs). Well, it is fun to observe the failures of politicians but the cost unfortunate as that is, is borne on our backs.

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