Sunday, 20 March 2022

A view on the situation from my backroom...

Having been bombarded with all the war reports for nigh on two weeks and how the Ukraine is being wiped off the map, I am a bit wary of what the reality actually is. It is obvious that the Russian nation has attacked a neighbour. The apparent reasons are that the Russians do not want a neighbouring nation to be a member of NATO. It wants more influence. This seems to be borne out by some of the other demands such as, Ukraine cannot have heavy weapons, cannot be a nuclear power. The military situation also is confusing. What may I ask is the Russian strategy? They are pummeling the hell out of some cities, killing people indiscriminately, using not soldiers but Chechen killers. Is this the prelude to a complete take-over? Out of 40 or so million of inhabitants close on 3 million have already left! Any nation that loses 10% of its population is in trouble. It seems that Putin’s strategy is simple, cause as much upheaval, destroy a few ear-marked sites like Mariupol which will form the corridor that will allow Russians to ‘own’ the Sea of Azov and cut-off the Ukraine further from accessing the Black Sea. Furthermore, all the refugees are putting great strain on neighbouring countries like Poland. All Putin’s dreams are coming true. He is basically playing the exact same games the German Nazis did prior to WW2. This makes Putin's claims about Neo-Nazis in the Ukraine a bit strange bearing in mind he is acting exactly like it.

So yes, what is the strategy, you may well wonder. Even asking what the West’s strategy is will make your head pound and eyes water. There doesn’t seem to be one except to economically sideline Russia through all the restrictions imposed so far. It seems a bit odd when you read that we still buy oil and gas from Russia. I am confident Putin will think that those will end as soon as a one-sided ‘peace deal’ has been forced upon the Ukraine. And you know, I think he is right. The West is super money orientated, we are far to reliant on fossil fuels and Putin has 40%, nearly half the world’s reserves. In that respect Boris’ inane outpourings make a bit of sense. We sure need to be more self-reliant on power supplies! Those economists that thought to get rid of all our fossil fuel industry (mines etc) and put our eggs in one Russian basket now must return their degrees to the various universities and their knighthoods back to the Queen. 

To end this, I would say all talk about the so-called Russian impasse, their losses and incapability to advance, is rubbish. The Russians do not worry about losing conscripts! The equipment used so far seems to be older stuff, bar some up to date flying equipment. Let us not start thinking the Russians are weak and confused, they are not. It is the stuff Nikita Khrushchev tried as well but did not have the guts to carry it on. Putin has begun to simply turn on the screws and initiated the first steps in world domination. Sorry, USA you are losing it to Russia and China! The only thing Putin has not thought out is how to rule the rest of the world, it has been tried quite a few times before and always has ended in abject failure. But he has started with Europe and that is until he is stopped. History shows us how it happens, how it ends and how everyone suffers. Indeed, what is the point again? 

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