Thursday, 24 February 2022

Worse - the die has been cast...

Now we know, humanity once again has lost all semblance of credibility. Europe is gearing up for war yet again. I have said before that this blood soaked continent will never be at peace. There are too many differences. Now the frivolity will deliver its bill. 

It has been said so many times, don’t drop your guard and yet that is exactly what the western world has done. Yet again the price for that will have to be paid. Russia will not stop now, they have begun and to stop would negate all their plans. The Ukraine at best will become a vassal state again. Even worse, the western world standing by and looking on will embolden China to do the same thing. If I was living in Taiwan I would worry my pants off! More than that, Russia if not checked will also have a go at the Baltics and now we will be hotting up the war! Because these are NATO states. 

If I was a politician of standing I would now seriously look at our military capability with a very hard stare. Coupled with sanctions as hard as can be done. Literally ostracizing Russia. Take it out of all economic fields. Roubles are no longer acceptable. I am afraid it will mean we will have to look at where the next LPG or natural gas is coming from. Also we will have to move troops to the Eastern sector, Poland, the Baltics. There is no longer any choice, the die has been cast.

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