Thursday, 3 February 2022

What's going on James?

What a mess. That probably is an understatement. Our government at the present time is virtually powerless to change anything. It is shackled by its own incompetence. Partygate, the NI protocol, the rising cost of energy and that’s just for starters. Where did it all go so wrong? You could argue we’ve just gone through a difficult time, what with the Covid pandemic and all that has come with it like vast increased pressure on the NHS. But may I point out that this was not unknown? We have known for years that increased populations and getting older as well will put more pressure on the social services and our ability to pay for it. We have known for years we have no natural resources in the quantities required to heat our homes. We have known for years that our population is getting older. So it should not come as a thunderclap with a blue sky. For years of dithering the price has now been presented. The question may be asked – what are we paying for governance and is it really best value for money?

Boris came with high acclaim, he was going to end the dithering May approach and to his credit he sorted Brexit. Fortunately he had help because as now has been shown he tends to sit down too quickly with a gin and tonic plus comfy slippers. The problem with gin and tonics is that once you start getting used to them as after work pick-me ups, the party is just beginning. So, we are in the doldrums. It remains to be seen whether the good PM will sit on the hallowed pluche chairs of No.10 for much longer. The one problem I can see here is there is simply no follow-up. There is no big-hitter within the Conservative echelons and frankly neither are they to be found in any of the opposition parties. Keir? Don’t let me laugh. Ed Davey? Who in all honesty is that, a forgotten gnome? The one man I do like isn’t even English but a burly Scot. Goes by the name of Ian Blackford. If he had been called Angus he would have been party leader. That is the sad state of affairs today. 

The one question that all normal people ask is – How and why has the cost of energy rising to these heights? Surely anyone could see to put your all your eggs in one basket (the Russian basket) it would eventually bite you in the bum! But is this the only reason, we should really have a moratorium on power in this country. Moreso, develop ways to generate power, even nuclear, that will power this nation of 70 million people who all need heat in winter! So, Boris whilst you are still in power GET ON with it and stop the gin and tonics.































































































































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