Tuesday, 22 February 2022

The Countdown has begun....

It is incredible to know that generally humanity still has not one iota of an idea what is happening. I am not specifically talking about Covid but this virus may well be part of it. The climate should be on the forefront of all papers and not just the reports of what it has done. This morning I’m reading the Daily Express newspaper and to read the clamour by the travel bosses to open all and every border, to cut all the red tape and ‘pointless’ delays is to me the most irresponsible comment I’ve read. What is climate change? Well, simply this, it is a result of humanity’s excessive use of fossil fuels through car driving, airplane use, plus all other transport. Just to name a few causes. It must be pretty obvious by now what the result is from excessive use of fossil fuels. If it was only that, it could have been sustainable but the warming up of the atmosphere also releases vast amounts of other gases, in particular methane. Coupled with the seen volcanic activity also releasing vast amounts of sulphuric compounds, it does not long to figure out we are in trouble! But travel bosses want to get back to their profits quickly, it’s a bit like putting nails in your own coffin, isn’t it?

To have three storms in one week in Britain is pretty unheard of, the floods coming with it, the wind damage and the unfortunate deaths but it is thought this will only be the beginning. It will be commonplace to have storms one after the other in winter but it will also be possible in summer. In contrast summer droughts will also be commonplace putting more CO2 into the air through grass and forest fires. Just look at California and Australia where these happen year on year. It is a fact that these things lower humanity’s resistance to disease through lowering our body’s natural defences. Hence I believe the simple rhino virus that Covid-19 is, has become the global problem today and possibly the future. And it might not be the only one we might encounter. The virus might have been worked on in some Chinese laboratory but it was already with us. Through carelessness or negligence or even purposeful decision making by authorities unknown, we are now saddled with a virus that has made the jump to overcome our defences. So, these are the facts that should be looked at by those whom we have elected to lead us. Those whom we have trusted to look after our well-being. Unfortunately the truth is the opposite. As the paper stated – It is time to get our confidence back. To be more assertive in what we need to do. What need’s doing. We don’t need politicians who look after themselves first and foremost. So, let’s get on with it, it will be difficult. The return the atmosphere to levels of before 1900 we will have to work very hard indeed. We will be short of certain things but if anything, it will be better than dying!

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