Monday, 28 February 2022

The bad guys came a-calling...

Just to ask a pertinent question, why does the largest nation on earth feel the way it does? By all accounts it has the largest army on the planet but it still isn’t enough. It apparently feels that it needs much more influence and an economical hold over everything else. Sort of ‘I am the biggest, I want you to know it’. OK, I now know it, please go back home. But to be very, very frank it is not just the Russian leadership, it is also the incredible lax and dangerous attitude of our own government. Indeed all western governments. 

Look what is happening in Britain, we have more Russian money here than in Russia itself. We are more interested in whether Boris had a party or sex in a cupboard than in international questions. What’s more all the beautiful words we utter are just so much drivel. Only belatedly are we prepared to deliver some military hardware. I am now more and more of the opinion that we have to tackle ALL despots and dictators face on. Syria, Belarus, Chechnya, everywhere. 

We have to really set up a military force that can be sent to all these areas with full multi national support! I know that should have been the United Nations but that is just a talking shop and a way to have a couple of days in the sun. Heard of the term, paper tiger? Yes, that’s the United Nations. Africa is a case in point. Why do people, freedom loving and peaceful have to endure these bloodthirsty despots? But let’s be fair it will take a big reorganisation, for example the British Army at the moment is engaged in having to spend hours reflecting in ‘inclusivity’ and ‘what it means to be black’. I think we have forgotten what an army is supposed to be and what it is supposed to do. I don’t want to see soldiers with degrees in dancing the tango or soldiers who can spout woke dialogue and can sing ‘until Father Christmas gets stuck in the chimney’. I want soldiers who are prepared to lay down their lives for the freedom of their country. As is now so ably shown by the Ukrainian people and army. Us woke British people can learn from that, we should support that wholeheartedly. Because if we do not change the bad guys will come a-calling one of these days. As the Ukraine has found out.

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