Saturday, 19 February 2022

Something about the Universe? Oh yes, why not...

As an avid reader of ‘Universe Expansion theories’ I was excited to read that it was not just about expansion. I suppose scientists are struggling with this idea. After all logic says that if something expands there has to be some force which starts it and sustains it. We hear a lot about a Big Bang, it just seems there never was a Big Bang, more of a Big Whimper. The next question is one about ‘Is this Universe of ours finite or infinite’? Finite meaning that there will a border somewhere so far away we will never see it. It also means that our Universe is a bubble in a limitless void. Possibly with other trillions of Universe bubbles to boot. The question then is how did this bubble originate? Also there is the view that our ‘bubble’ is the only thing there is. But then the question is how can it expand then? To be able to expand there has to be room to expand into? In other words ‘Infinite’. My personal view is that the Universe is an entity that exists in a limitless vacuum. There will be countless other ‘bubbles’. I read somewhere of an interesting view about life. It goes something like this – At the time of my conception the Universe started. At my death the Universe I am in ceases to be. Interesting? Think about it! It sounds odd but why not? It is not more strange than some of the theories around. The truth is we may never know how our Universe has begun or will end if ever. We will never know whether our Universe is all there is or ever will be. Or whether we are a Universe amongst countless others. It is like the other ‘faith’ questions – Does God exist? Yes or no? It sounds like a probability question doesn’t it. In that case the answer is a 50-50 answer. 50% probability God exists and 50% probability he does not. I know which probability I would go along with!

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