Saturday, 26 February 2022

Poor Ukraine, the new Poland from just before WW2

As it stands today in the world of politics and madmen we seem to be back in the days just prior to WW2. Shivering awaiting our fate. Sounds dramatic doesn’t it but tell me if you think it is rosy and we should all go to Spain’s hot beaches and forget about it all? The reality is that yet again there are political madmen flexing their muscles. Putin in front. Even worse, he and his cronies think they should be the rulers of the world. So you will note things have not changed over the millenia humans have trod the planet’s glorious swathes of grass. When I heard of Russia’s intentions I initially thought it was posturing, the sort of ‘Look what we have, give in if you want to live’ kind of chat. But no, I was wrong, the intention definitely was to bring a sovereign country under Russian control. When you look at Russia’s history you can easily see the way they think. The countries and peoples they have subjugated over all these years, enormous areas. However, we are here today and it is what it is, what now? It should be obvious listening to reports that the Ukranians are not just keeling over. There is stiff resistance and I expect the body bags to arrive back in Russia soon enough. There will be an escalation of violence because the likes of Putin cannot go back on their words. As such there will be much bombing, many rockets to be fired in the hope to quell all resistance. 

But I suspect it will have the opposite effect. This is not over by a long shot. What are our leaders doing? Well, good question, there are sanctions, half-baked of course as there is always one eye on the money. BP has asked to review its holding (20%) in the Russian company that controls gas and oil. Will they? I bet my bottom dollar they will not without the government ordering them to do so. If you want the Russians to really take note, you will have to take them out of SWIFT, the planets payments system. Ban all Russians from travelling to allied western nations. Ban all TV, radio, podcasts whatever, from Russian sources. In other words, isolate Russia! It will hurt us as well, that should be obvious but if you want a safer world where everyone can live in peace. Trade safely, have sports safely then we will have to work for it.

And lastly do not listen to idiotic words about the ISS (International Space Station) falling onto London because the Russians are being ejected out to space, If that would be the case and it won’t because the US and UK would fire twenty rockets and blow the whole lot into a thousand shards. More, they would do in such a way that all the bits would fall onto Moscow.

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