Sunday, 20 February 2022

Don't let history repeat itself!

Listening to our hallowed PM, the good ol’ Boris this morning I had the distinct impression of hearing someone justifying the West’s inability to do anything to solve the crisis between Russia and the Ukraine. It is so strange that people generally do not learn from history. Diplomats may well work hard but when you speak to a dictator who is hellbent on getting his way you might as well zip up the flies and leave the toilet! I think this is an Eskimo proverb until I’m told otherwise. Come to think of it Eskimos have no zip on their trousers. 

Anyway, the point is that despite the talk, the endless meetings, in the end you will have to fight. Appeasement DOES NOT and never will WORK! Not in the world we have built. Putin will go all out, it will start with an renewed and strong attack by the separatists in the east of the Ukraine which will put the West on two possible outcomes. Arm the Ukraine with the most powerful weapons available, or simply stand by as we did with Hitler. Remember though how that ended. I am not sure how different armies of the West can possibly perform as there does not seem a strong central and powerful command structure. In the end we will just have to do what should have been done a while ago. It should be quite clear to our 'luvvie' governments that Russia is hellbent on being top-dog. No question about it. It has the massive country, the plentiful resources and seems not afraid to lose a sizable part of the population. It has weaknesses. The country consists of many different ethnic groups especially in the south and along its eastern borders. We need to stop placating the central government and start talking to all these different groups that dislike Russia. It’s going to be ugly, there will be many deaths but if we believe in democracy and freedom we also have to understand it comes with a price tag! In that way I applaud Boris for talking as he has done but I also hope he understands that soon the talk needs to stop and action will have to begin. And just to end with another caveat, watch China. These wily characters are like jackals, joining the kill in the hope of a bite!

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