Wednesday, 16 February 2022

Did I dream it? Is it 1938 all over again?

When I got up this morning I was wondering what year it was, 1938 or 2022? I was sure reading the newspapers it was 1938. Except they misspelt Hitler’s name to Putin. But let me explain – the Munich Agreement was one of those agreements that are used to ‘promote’ peace. They obviously do nothing of the sort. They are appeasements. In 1938 Hitler got what he wanted and took over almost all of Czechoslowakia, now the Czech republic. But instead of acquiring the peace as was said it promoted the view into German heads that they could do anything because the western powers would always give in. Now, you could argue that the western powers were peace loving and at the time so it seemed but in fact the opposite occurred. That is because as a political power senses the weaknesses or inability of an opponent power it will go all out to obtain whatever it thinks should be under its control. Precisely the situation we are facing today. Russia and its dictator Putin is playing the exact same game Hitler played in 1938. To put it as strong as possible, Russia intends to regain its influence or even territorial ambitions it had after the 1945 armistice. Meaning that Poland, the Baltic states, Ukraine, even Kazakhstan are or will be under threat. The signs are that the Ukraine will be at a minimum a vassal state and at worst will be annexed. So, what are the alternatives? At the moment not many or so it seems. The western powers are hopelessly divided and fall over themselves to travel to Moscow to beg for peace. These envoys are received with much pomp, handshakes all around, the laying of wreaths, lovely all exact as what happened in 1938. I just wonder whether Putin has read ‘Mein Kampf?’. Whatever, but according to me there are things that can be done. The first thing is promote a stronger unity in NATO. Start worldwide exercises. Insist participating nations bolster their own forces and spend the agreed amount based on GDP. There must be put in place a stronger military presence in the Baltics and Poland. The other thing that could be done is to severely restrict trade, but that would hurt the population unfairly. But breaking political ties would be effective. Recall all ambassadors, and consuls, disallow visas, take to task ‘dirty’ Russian money (especially in London!). In fact make Russia a rogue state. It will not be easy, there are too many in the western powers who love Russian cash, Russian gas and oil. But if you want peace you have to work hard. Human love for killing is legendary, almost an inbred trait. So, like all martial arts tell you, look the opponent in the eye, do not flinch and be ready!

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