Monday, 28 February 2022

The bad guys came a-calling...

Just to ask a pertinent question, why does the largest nation on earth feel the way it does? By all accounts it has the largest army on the planet but it still isn’t enough. It apparently feels that it needs much more influence and an economical hold over everything else. Sort of ‘I am the biggest, I want you to know it’. OK, I now know it, please go back home. But to be very, very frank it is not just the Russian leadership, it is also the incredible lax and dangerous attitude of our own government. Indeed all western governments. 

Look what is happening in Britain, we have more Russian money here than in Russia itself. We are more interested in whether Boris had a party or sex in a cupboard than in international questions. What’s more all the beautiful words we utter are just so much drivel. Only belatedly are we prepared to deliver some military hardware. I am now more and more of the opinion that we have to tackle ALL despots and dictators face on. Syria, Belarus, Chechnya, everywhere. 

We have to really set up a military force that can be sent to all these areas with full multi national support! I know that should have been the United Nations but that is just a talking shop and a way to have a couple of days in the sun. Heard of the term, paper tiger? Yes, that’s the United Nations. Africa is a case in point. Why do people, freedom loving and peaceful have to endure these bloodthirsty despots? But let’s be fair it will take a big reorganisation, for example the British Army at the moment is engaged in having to spend hours reflecting in ‘inclusivity’ and ‘what it means to be black’. I think we have forgotten what an army is supposed to be and what it is supposed to do. I don’t want to see soldiers with degrees in dancing the tango or soldiers who can spout woke dialogue and can sing ‘until Father Christmas gets stuck in the chimney’. I want soldiers who are prepared to lay down their lives for the freedom of their country. As is now so ably shown by the Ukrainian people and army. Us woke British people can learn from that, we should support that wholeheartedly. Because if we do not change the bad guys will come a-calling one of these days. As the Ukraine has found out.

Sunday, 27 February 2022

The world has always been a dangerous place...

If the Ukraine invasion isn’t going as well as Putin feels it should, what then? Will we see an all-out total war? The question then is going to be – can we in all honesty allow such a thing in 2022? Think about it, perhaps now is the time to think a bit more rational. The reason why I think that is – if an agressor like Russia falls back on using nuclear missiles albeit of low power then we have to wake up from our slumber and belief that all is well with the world and look at what is going on. It is quite simple. Russia is trying to create buffer zones like it had after WW2. This will include the Baltics. 

I would say that give it another year after the Ukraine has fallen and the Baltics will be next. Hence already the warning to Finland and Sweden about joining NATO. If and when the Baltics are attacked, it will get an immediate response from NATO. It is to be hoped that Putin’s game of brinkmanship will not be acceptable in that respect as MAD would be a distinct possibility (MAD – Mutually Assured Destruction). Europe would revert to what it was two-thousand years ago. Sparsely populated and a possible ice age to commence. The funny thing is that most of Africa is standing by what Russia is doing. According to some Twitterati Russia has ‘helped’ many of the dictatorial regimes. I suppose you could say that the European chickens are coming home to roost. Meaning all those years of colonialism and slavery that bill is going to be presented. Not much we can do about it now. It should be obvious to all and sundry that after this the world order will be changed. Not sure how it will pan out but either there will be a revolution in Russia and if not then we will have another Cold War and this time somewhere, somehow, might develop in a hot war. Both Russia and China will have to be watched carefully because the view is that they want much more influence and control. The sad truth is we have sleepwalked into this situation and possibly have not yet fully woken up but the alarm bells should be heard loud and clear.

Saturday, 26 February 2022

Poor Ukraine, the new Poland from just before WW2

As it stands today in the world of politics and madmen we seem to be back in the days just prior to WW2. Shivering awaiting our fate. Sounds dramatic doesn’t it but tell me if you think it is rosy and we should all go to Spain’s hot beaches and forget about it all? The reality is that yet again there are political madmen flexing their muscles. Putin in front. Even worse, he and his cronies think they should be the rulers of the world. So you will note things have not changed over the millenia humans have trod the planet’s glorious swathes of grass. When I heard of Russia’s intentions I initially thought it was posturing, the sort of ‘Look what we have, give in if you want to live’ kind of chat. But no, I was wrong, the intention definitely was to bring a sovereign country under Russian control. When you look at Russia’s history you can easily see the way they think. The countries and peoples they have subjugated over all these years, enormous areas. However, we are here today and it is what it is, what now? It should be obvious listening to reports that the Ukranians are not just keeling over. There is stiff resistance and I expect the body bags to arrive back in Russia soon enough. There will be an escalation of violence because the likes of Putin cannot go back on their words. As such there will be much bombing, many rockets to be fired in the hope to quell all resistance. 

But I suspect it will have the opposite effect. This is not over by a long shot. What are our leaders doing? Well, good question, there are sanctions, half-baked of course as there is always one eye on the money. BP has asked to review its holding (20%) in the Russian company that controls gas and oil. Will they? I bet my bottom dollar they will not without the government ordering them to do so. If you want the Russians to really take note, you will have to take them out of SWIFT, the planets payments system. Ban all Russians from travelling to allied western nations. Ban all TV, radio, podcasts whatever, from Russian sources. In other words, isolate Russia! It will hurt us as well, that should be obvious but if you want a safer world where everyone can live in peace. Trade safely, have sports safely then we will have to work for it.

And lastly do not listen to idiotic words about the ISS (International Space Station) falling onto London because the Russians are being ejected out to space, If that would be the case and it won’t because the US and UK would fire twenty rockets and blow the whole lot into a thousand shards. More, they would do in such a way that all the bits would fall onto Moscow.

Thursday, 24 February 2022

Worse - the die has been cast...

Now we know, humanity once again has lost all semblance of credibility. Europe is gearing up for war yet again. I have said before that this blood soaked continent will never be at peace. There are too many differences. Now the frivolity will deliver its bill. 

It has been said so many times, don’t drop your guard and yet that is exactly what the western world has done. Yet again the price for that will have to be paid. Russia will not stop now, they have begun and to stop would negate all their plans. The Ukraine at best will become a vassal state again. Even worse, the western world standing by and looking on will embolden China to do the same thing. If I was living in Taiwan I would worry my pants off! More than that, Russia if not checked will also have a go at the Baltics and now we will be hotting up the war! Because these are NATO states. 

If I was a politician of standing I would now seriously look at our military capability with a very hard stare. Coupled with sanctions as hard as can be done. Literally ostracizing Russia. Take it out of all economic fields. Roubles are no longer acceptable. I am afraid it will mean we will have to look at where the next LPG or natural gas is coming from. Also we will have to move troops to the Eastern sector, Poland, the Baltics. There is no longer any choice, the die has been cast.

Tuesday, 22 February 2022

The Countdown has begun....

It is incredible to know that generally humanity still has not one iota of an idea what is happening. I am not specifically talking about Covid but this virus may well be part of it. The climate should be on the forefront of all papers and not just the reports of what it has done. This morning I’m reading the Daily Express newspaper and to read the clamour by the travel bosses to open all and every border, to cut all the red tape and ‘pointless’ delays is to me the most irresponsible comment I’ve read. What is climate change? Well, simply this, it is a result of humanity’s excessive use of fossil fuels through car driving, airplane use, plus all other transport. Just to name a few causes. It must be pretty obvious by now what the result is from excessive use of fossil fuels. If it was only that, it could have been sustainable but the warming up of the atmosphere also releases vast amounts of other gases, in particular methane. Coupled with the seen volcanic activity also releasing vast amounts of sulphuric compounds, it does not long to figure out we are in trouble! But travel bosses want to get back to their profits quickly, it’s a bit like putting nails in your own coffin, isn’t it?

To have three storms in one week in Britain is pretty unheard of, the floods coming with it, the wind damage and the unfortunate deaths but it is thought this will only be the beginning. It will be commonplace to have storms one after the other in winter but it will also be possible in summer. In contrast summer droughts will also be commonplace putting more CO2 into the air through grass and forest fires. Just look at California and Australia where these happen year on year. It is a fact that these things lower humanity’s resistance to disease through lowering our body’s natural defences. Hence I believe the simple rhino virus that Covid-19 is, has become the global problem today and possibly the future. And it might not be the only one we might encounter. The virus might have been worked on in some Chinese laboratory but it was already with us. Through carelessness or negligence or even purposeful decision making by authorities unknown, we are now saddled with a virus that has made the jump to overcome our defences. So, these are the facts that should be looked at by those whom we have elected to lead us. Those whom we have trusted to look after our well-being. Unfortunately the truth is the opposite. As the paper stated – It is time to get our confidence back. To be more assertive in what we need to do. What need’s doing. We don’t need politicians who look after themselves first and foremost. So, let’s get on with it, it will be difficult. The return the atmosphere to levels of before 1900 we will have to work very hard indeed. We will be short of certain things but if anything, it will be better than dying!

Sunday, 20 February 2022

Don't let history repeat itself!

Listening to our hallowed PM, the good ol’ Boris this morning I had the distinct impression of hearing someone justifying the West’s inability to do anything to solve the crisis between Russia and the Ukraine. It is so strange that people generally do not learn from history. Diplomats may well work hard but when you speak to a dictator who is hellbent on getting his way you might as well zip up the flies and leave the toilet! I think this is an Eskimo proverb until I’m told otherwise. Come to think of it Eskimos have no zip on their trousers. 

Anyway, the point is that despite the talk, the endless meetings, in the end you will have to fight. Appeasement DOES NOT and never will WORK! Not in the world we have built. Putin will go all out, it will start with an renewed and strong attack by the separatists in the east of the Ukraine which will put the West on two possible outcomes. Arm the Ukraine with the most powerful weapons available, or simply stand by as we did with Hitler. Remember though how that ended. I am not sure how different armies of the West can possibly perform as there does not seem a strong central and powerful command structure. In the end we will just have to do what should have been done a while ago. It should be quite clear to our 'luvvie' governments that Russia is hellbent on being top-dog. No question about it. It has the massive country, the plentiful resources and seems not afraid to lose a sizable part of the population. It has weaknesses. The country consists of many different ethnic groups especially in the south and along its eastern borders. We need to stop placating the central government and start talking to all these different groups that dislike Russia. It’s going to be ugly, there will be many deaths but if we believe in democracy and freedom we also have to understand it comes with a price tag! In that way I applaud Boris for talking as he has done but I also hope he understands that soon the talk needs to stop and action will have to begin. And just to end with another caveat, watch China. These wily characters are like jackals, joining the kill in the hope of a bite!

Saturday, 19 February 2022

Something about the Universe? Oh yes, why not...

As an avid reader of ‘Universe Expansion theories’ I was excited to read that it was not just about expansion. I suppose scientists are struggling with this idea. After all logic says that if something expands there has to be some force which starts it and sustains it. We hear a lot about a Big Bang, it just seems there never was a Big Bang, more of a Big Whimper. The next question is one about ‘Is this Universe of ours finite or infinite’? Finite meaning that there will a border somewhere so far away we will never see it. It also means that our Universe is a bubble in a limitless void. Possibly with other trillions of Universe bubbles to boot. The question then is how did this bubble originate? Also there is the view that our ‘bubble’ is the only thing there is. But then the question is how can it expand then? To be able to expand there has to be room to expand into? In other words ‘Infinite’. My personal view is that the Universe is an entity that exists in a limitless vacuum. There will be countless other ‘bubbles’. I read somewhere of an interesting view about life. It goes something like this – At the time of my conception the Universe started. At my death the Universe I am in ceases to be. Interesting? Think about it! It sounds odd but why not? It is not more strange than some of the theories around. The truth is we may never know how our Universe has begun or will end if ever. We will never know whether our Universe is all there is or ever will be. Or whether we are a Universe amongst countless others. It is like the other ‘faith’ questions – Does God exist? Yes or no? It sounds like a probability question doesn’t it. In that case the answer is a 50-50 answer. 50% probability God exists and 50% probability he does not. I know which probability I would go along with!

Wednesday, 16 February 2022

Did I dream it? Is it 1938 all over again?

When I got up this morning I was wondering what year it was, 1938 or 2022? I was sure reading the newspapers it was 1938. Except they misspelt Hitler’s name to Putin. But let me explain – the Munich Agreement was one of those agreements that are used to ‘promote’ peace. They obviously do nothing of the sort. They are appeasements. In 1938 Hitler got what he wanted and took over almost all of Czechoslowakia, now the Czech republic. But instead of acquiring the peace as was said it promoted the view into German heads that they could do anything because the western powers would always give in. Now, you could argue that the western powers were peace loving and at the time so it seemed but in fact the opposite occurred. That is because as a political power senses the weaknesses or inability of an opponent power it will go all out to obtain whatever it thinks should be under its control. Precisely the situation we are facing today. Russia and its dictator Putin is playing the exact same game Hitler played in 1938. To put it as strong as possible, Russia intends to regain its influence or even territorial ambitions it had after the 1945 armistice. Meaning that Poland, the Baltic states, Ukraine, even Kazakhstan are or will be under threat. The signs are that the Ukraine will be at a minimum a vassal state and at worst will be annexed. So, what are the alternatives? At the moment not many or so it seems. The western powers are hopelessly divided and fall over themselves to travel to Moscow to beg for peace. These envoys are received with much pomp, handshakes all around, the laying of wreaths, lovely all exact as what happened in 1938. I just wonder whether Putin has read ‘Mein Kampf?’. Whatever, but according to me there are things that can be done. The first thing is promote a stronger unity in NATO. Start worldwide exercises. Insist participating nations bolster their own forces and spend the agreed amount based on GDP. There must be put in place a stronger military presence in the Baltics and Poland. The other thing that could be done is to severely restrict trade, but that would hurt the population unfairly. But breaking political ties would be effective. Recall all ambassadors, and consuls, disallow visas, take to task ‘dirty’ Russian money (especially in London!). In fact make Russia a rogue state. It will not be easy, there are too many in the western powers who love Russian cash, Russian gas and oil. But if you want peace you have to work hard. Human love for killing is legendary, almost an inbred trait. So, like all martial arts tell you, look the opponent in the eye, do not flinch and be ready!

Thursday, 3 February 2022

What's going on James?

What a mess. That probably is an understatement. Our government at the present time is virtually powerless to change anything. It is shackled by its own incompetence. Partygate, the NI protocol, the rising cost of energy and that’s just for starters. Where did it all go so wrong? You could argue we’ve just gone through a difficult time, what with the Covid pandemic and all that has come with it like vast increased pressure on the NHS. But may I point out that this was not unknown? We have known for years that increased populations and getting older as well will put more pressure on the social services and our ability to pay for it. We have known for years we have no natural resources in the quantities required to heat our homes. We have known for years that our population is getting older. So it should not come as a thunderclap with a blue sky. For years of dithering the price has now been presented. The question may be asked – what are we paying for governance and is it really best value for money?

Boris came with high acclaim, he was going to end the dithering May approach and to his credit he sorted Brexit. Fortunately he had help because as now has been shown he tends to sit down too quickly with a gin and tonic plus comfy slippers. The problem with gin and tonics is that once you start getting used to them as after work pick-me ups, the party is just beginning. So, we are in the doldrums. It remains to be seen whether the good PM will sit on the hallowed pluche chairs of No.10 for much longer. The one problem I can see here is there is simply no follow-up. There is no big-hitter within the Conservative echelons and frankly neither are they to be found in any of the opposition parties. Keir? Don’t let me laugh. Ed Davey? Who in all honesty is that, a forgotten gnome? The one man I do like isn’t even English but a burly Scot. Goes by the name of Ian Blackford. If he had been called Angus he would have been party leader. That is the sad state of affairs today. 

The one question that all normal people ask is – How and why has the cost of energy rising to these heights? Surely anyone could see to put your all your eggs in one basket (the Russian basket) it would eventually bite you in the bum! But is this the only reason, we should really have a moratorium on power in this country. Moreso, develop ways to generate power, even nuclear, that will power this nation of 70 million people who all need heat in winter! So, Boris whilst you are still in power GET ON with it and stop the gin and tonics.