Saturday, 15 January 2022

Why was I not invited then, eh?

Why are we so upset about what our ‘betters’ are up to? Parties with copious drinks, dancing whilst the rest of us are hunkered down? Yes, I am talking about our government, its leaders and servants. Who would have thought it? Frankly friends, it has always been like that. There is nothing new under the sun, the only difference today is that through social media and more news coverage with a very wide viewer number across the world we see the inner workings of those we elect to positions of power. We see the misdeeds of those who pretend to be better than the rest of us. We see the blatant disregard of rules they set up for others to follow. We see the avarice, the corruption of those whom we have trusted with the keys to the moneybox. Now thanks to the news channels and courageous journalists (well, some of them) we have a glimpse of how rotten the inner power circle in this country really is. When a Prime Minister starts bucking and weaving to try to get out of what I would term pretty simple accusations, things are going to fall apart. In earlier days, Prime Ministers and associates were from the despised aristocrat families. Who built vast palatial landed estates, thanks to the abject slavery of the working class. And what’s more, it is like that across the world! The same thought process is still pretty much alive. When we stare at the expense of providing wallpaper for a room because someone thinks the present stuff looks like ‘John Lewis’ cr*p, you note the thinking behind it. Will this behaviour change? Yes, on your nellie. Of course not, this goes right through society. You and me are really no better. We have neighbours called the Joneses and I continually try to outdo them. I must have a bigger and better car, a bigger house, wallpaper from a French artist. If they have an expensive pug puppy I must have two. See how it is? In turn the Joneses try to outdo everyone else because they want to be topdog! HaHaHa, so why worry so much about the shenanigans in Westminster? The truth is that loads ignored the rulings. We must keep things in perspective because more problems are on the horizon. Sure, get rid of the PM and some others who so blatantly ignored their own rules but let’s ensure we will be better of and not worse.

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