Tuesday, 18 January 2022

The end of the BBC as we know it? Hmmm....

The end of the BBC as we know it? Hmmm, there might be some fight left I think, it is not over until the fat lady sings! But right now the news is good, the knife has been taken to the BBC, no fee increases for two years and possibly altogether banned by 2027. It is possibly a knee-jerk by Boris, well Nadine they say but it comes pretty well packaged with other things to save the Boris government. Well whatever, it is still a welcome thing in my opinion. The BBC as I have mentioned in the past, is a bloated, left liberal woke station that pretends to be impartial in politics. Hahaha, you only have to watch last week when all we heard were the various broadcasting luvvies interviewing and reporting only about the anti Boris brigade. Now, I have no real problem with that but it is far from impartial is it? Boris deserves a bit of bear baiting and have a bit of reality pumped into him but I would also have liked to hear a few of the groupies bleating about how good he was in bed. (Sorry, easy chair at the Cabinet Table). By all means, he has had a rough time lately but also it was mostly of his own making. As PM you just cannot hide, today there is so much about what people say and do, and all reported and commented on with social media so that you would be an idiot to say anything controversial. Or lie about something that is already out in the open because too many other people were involved. Look at that paragon of virtuous living, Dominic Cummings. Who needs enemies with friends like that? I suppose he never was a friend but a pumped up pop-in-jay who thought he was doing a better job than the government. Just another idiot who thought that laws were for the great unwashed, not for the likes of him. Time to send him quickly to the Tower and throw away the key. Well, the next few weeks will show how things will ‘pan’ out but I predict we will be looking for a new PM, and the BBC will start sending people like Gary Lineker with payoffs of £50 to the butchers.

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