Thursday, 27 January 2022

Oh la la, these viruses. I don't like 'em!

Well, so I thought the colds and viruses have more or less abated. No sir, they have not! Felt a bit of nausea last Sunday which quickly developed in some severe stomach cramps. As there are no doctors available unless you’re prepared to hang around the telephone for 6 hours and then they might phone you back with some rapid diagnosis, usually incorporating ‘Take these antibiotics for a week’. I know it is a bit of my cheek, they are hard-working. But the Web sites I visited all said more or less the same thing, Norovirus! No, it’s not just for holiday makers on a cruise. It equally well feels at home in my stomach, I can assure you. One of my grandchildren wanted to give me a present, he was OK within two days, I am still having bouts of diarrhea four days later. It’s is far from fun. I used to laugh at those reports of whole cruise ships marooned with this virus. I reckon it is pretty well on a par with Covid. Nothing really helps either, just 4-hourly paracetamol for the cramps and pain and water with sugar and salt. No milk at all, tea without but lots of honey. I managed some toast with marmalade this morning. And yes, thanks for asking I am feeling a lot better. Now to the more important things, how’s that PM sleeping tonight? What, no party? That’s sad, he might well enjoy that viewing past occasions. Have fun whilst the ship of state is floundering or even keeling over. Does anyone think the expected report is going to exonerating him? No, me neither. As it stands I am not sure whether false pride is a good thing. If you signed an order for animals to be repatriated from Kabul leaving thousands of people behind some of which could have been saved? Well, what about it? Yes, go on telly and tell everyone you did not do that. That’s what I would do as well. You know the public in this country don’t you, gullible clodhoppers. They believe everything a politician comes up with. My intestines need a toilet right now, so till next time. I will tell you in all the gory detail how this virus behaves. Come to think of it, it’s also a bit like gastro-enteritis. We’ll see.

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