Saturday, 8 January 2022

It's alright Jack I'm alright, I'm a politician...

If you want any sign that this country’s politicians are bonkers, greedy wasters of time and lives look no further than that bastion of virtuous living, Parliament! It is reported that they are due an increase of about £2,000 in their annual stipend (can’t call it a salary as they do not do any work) of some £80,000! Yes, there are less and less people who do well-paid work and pay the taxes to keep these people in luxury. I should be sorry but we are burdened with a top-heavy number of people who simply sponge off as much as they can as quickly as they can. All you hear them saying is, ‘We cannot do anything about it, it is out of our control’. ‘It is not me who does that, don’t blame me’. On top of that greed, look at their behaviour! They will tell you to abide by the rules and laws but it is quite evident it does not count for them. Even royals fall foul of that type of behaviour. It is high time to have a good and extremely hard look at how we are governed, how we want to be governed. With up to 70 million people in this already overpopulated country and rising fast year by year, something has to give. I love democracy, the freedom of speech but again it comes with a lot of responsibility. I abhor developers who live in palatial homes in the middle of nowhere because they want solitude and quiet but think nothing of plastering sub-standard houses all over wherever they can find green fields and corrupt council officials. Sounds hard isn’t it? But show me the opposite, just tell me that all planning departments in this country are completely above water and follow all the established rules?

I know, I know, it is Sunshine Saturday as I heard it being called by another smiling travel reporter and I cannot get out to see family abroad because otherwise I would have to pay the rest of my life-savings just to prove I don’t have the virus. So I feel a bit cranky. Besides it rains heavily right here and now! 

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