Friday, 7 January 2022

Is destroying a statue OK? In the UK it is now....

You wouldn’t believe how far this country has sunk into being woke. You might remember a year or so ago a mob in Bristol took it upon themselves to dump a statue of some 200 year old guy called Colston into the harbour. It was all over the news at the time as lo and behold the TV wallahs knew what was going on. Anyway, the TV News was interesting and there were wonderful shots of the faces of quite a number of participants. Anyway, after some investigation time, four were arrested and a week ago were set free. The Crown Court jury found them NOT guilty of criminal damage. What??!! You must excuse me, I am just a dimwitted citizen but I know criminal damage when I see it. It appears the jury was as woke as you can be. I can just about hear their conversation in the Jury room set aside. ‘Hey babe’ you know these upstanding citizens? Yeah, they protected our values!’ ‘Ooooh, did they do that? That’s a miracle in these days’. ‘Yes, BLM, babe, BLM, Colston was the devil, carting all these coloured people off to provide sugar for our daddies and mummies’. ‘Ohhh no, did he?’ ‘Yes, may he rot in hell, babe’. ‘Yes, Colston is guilty darling, by the way did I tell you I admire your tattoo?’ ‘Yes, it’s a nice picture of a heart entwined with roses all around and a sword pointed with words to describe that love is eternal but won’t last forever, don’t you think’? ‘Oh? Spic baby, span all over’. ‘So, Colston is guilty? That means these four are not, they have upheld the nation’s values’. ‘That’s it babes, we can go back now to deliver our well debated verdict’.

How can a jury decide on points of law when political overtones are at large? Let’s look at the occasion, the televised pictures show a crowd toppling a properly constructed statue to the ground and hauling to the harbour and throw it into the water. Obviously the jury thought that to be a daily occurrence everywhere and quite normal behaviour. It is without doubt that Colston at the time an example of a successful businessman was engaged in the slavery trade. Today that is not allowed (but is that exactly true?) but then it was normal and no-one thought any different. I repeat what I said a few times before – WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT OUR FOREFATHERS DID! If people want to remove a statue of a person from the past then do it through proper channels, have a vote or whatever. The other thing is this – you cannot change the past, you cannot change history. But you can learn from it. I do think the verdict needs looking at. It should be obvious that politics played a part. That must not be allowed. The law is the law. If you are not happy about it, see your MP and ask him or her to change the law. I would suggest the Court of Appeal should sit immediately.

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