Thursday, 13 January 2022

Have we still got Credit for the National Debt?

A few of my friends have said to me, ‘Like to read your comments’, and ‘ How can you believe all politicians are wasters or idiots?’ Well yes, good observation. Obviously not all politicians are wasters but when you view the national debt, now standing at I believe at over two trillion pounds you must ask yourself this question – Did I saddle the nation with that? No? OK then who did? You’re right, politicians. This pertains then to all because it is they who make the decisions. They will defend themselves by saying that all they do is in our best interests, but is that really true? Take the Covid debacle with PPI, millions if not billions, were wasted. Panic buying, bad decisions and more. Take the foreign aid budget, millions again sent to nations who have used it to finance their space programme. Or purchased weaponry. The millions wasted to finance the upkeep of immigrants coming in by the thousand without any reason whatsoever just because they have heard Britain is the new paradise. I don’t blame them, I would have done the same. It is the lack of control and the woke attitude of too many in the wrong positions that seem to run this country. Take our Home Sec, Priti Patel. A woman of some standing with the right ideas but continually thwarted by Civil Service mandarins so that in the end no decisions are made and nothing changes. I would not pretend it is easy to run a country but too often we make laws on the spur of the moment without thinking through possible outcomes. Wrongly or rightly. Boris (PM for now) has turned out to be a man making decisions on a Monday morning and regretting them in the afternoon, repealing them before going to bed. Government is not about looking good in a mask speaking about how sorry he is about the NHS being so busy. The NHS will always be busy, always asking for more money as it is a bottomless pit. Our population is getting older and soon the over 65’s will outnumber the millenials (those born after 2000) if they are not already. This comes with vastly increased cost to the medical services. The other thing that needs tackling is the idea in people’s heads that there is such a thing as a free lunch. To have a NHS which to all senses and purposes is free, is an anomaly. It is not free as someone has to pay. The service is given free, well to some extent but the cash has to come out of taxation which we have now found out through the increase in April to the NI contribution. A service that is free creates an unrealistic demand and expectations which are difficult to fulfill. I have mentioned before we should move to a national personal insurance plan that is rolled out across the nation. Anyone earning over £60,000 annually will be required to have completely private medical insurance and would not need to be a member of the national plan. Just an idea, it might work and it might not. But it is up to the aforementioned politicos to sort it out. That in the end is what we pay them for!

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