Wednesday, 12 January 2022

Have we forgotten to be self-sufficient?

I have been wondering why so few people seem to know what is really happening with our so-called economic situation and coupled to that the state of the environment. Take the gas price. A steep curve upward. There are two reasons – first, a much upward demand, more people that have moved to gas. Not just in Britain but all across the western part of Europe. That is to say from Poland westward and all the way south to Greece. Secondly the reducing supply. Now whether this is due to a political decision by Vlad the Impaler or simply not enough left in the good old planet I will leave open to discussion. The result is the same, steep increase in the price per therm. The boss of Centrica (owner of British Gas) has been on TV saying this situation is not going to go away for some time if ever. This situation puts into a stark light the fallacy of various British governments to rely on imports. I for one have noticed that if there is a apparent glut of something, like gas has been for a few years, every Tom, D*ck and Harry moves into that, reducing the availability within a few years. So, what next for our gas boilers? If we all move over to electric you will see the same thing, due to demand there will be a reduced supply. In electricity, that will mean either powercuts or higher prices or both. The problem here is that all of us have become used to everything and plenty of it. We import fruit from the Caribbean and the Pacifics, vegetables from Spain, meat from New Zealand and Australia. Gas from Russia and that’s just for starters. We need to be more self-sufficient. We cannot grow bananas or oranges in our climate but we can under glass as they do in Holland. We must not become used to luxury goods unless made in Britain! These are the things our government needs to address. Forget about lockdown parties. Yes, these were ill advised and thought-out. Boris will pay a price and whether that will be dismissal we shall see. In the meantime show your mettle Mr PM and maybe, just maybe you will survive.

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