Tuesday, 4 January 2022

Does power give sexual rights over others? Good question....

Anyone surprised by all the revelations in the courts over the alleged sexual contacts with a minor by our own squeeky clean non-sweating Prince Andrew? Yes? Let’s be fair if he was guilty he wouldn’t be the first or the last person of noble birth. Look at historical facts, it is peppered with princes, kings, earls, dukes jumping in and out of bed with almost anything female you’d care to name. Money corrupts but socially real power corrupts completely.

There is one thing men need to learn, and that is to understand the meaning of the word NO. The other thing that needs learning is that titles and positions of power do not give automatic rights over others. Especially not in sexual matters. In other words keep the hanging appendage in trousers.

That letter of absolving men and possibly women as well, from future legal proceedings should be set aside. If such a letter as now published was signed by Ms G it could well have been under duress. Although it is said she received some half a million quid. That’s not going to go down well of course but a crime is still a crime even though money was paid to silence the victims. All in all the clouds on the horizon are gathering and they are looking more black than ever! Even if the courts would decide in the prince’s favour as they could well do, the stigma will not go away. I believe that the prince will lose his credibility, if he has not already. And perhaps not just him, allegedly there are others of public standing. Presidents, bankers, company execs, even other lawyers who flew on the Lolita Express as Epstein’s plane was called. Wondering why? Really, the murky world of power and money is beginning to be laid bare for all to see. How powerful men behave when they think no-one will see or discover. I’m sure Epstein was not the only person who facilitated such behaviour. In the end we need to find out for ourselves what sort of world we want to live in. Sex is part of all our lives but its excesses need careful handling and control.

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