Monday, 10 January 2022

Boris, you're the weakest link. Goodbye...

By the way, just because you’d want to know, I am no Tory but at the Brexit ballot box I voted for Brexit. Not because I am anti European, certainly not but I abhor the enormous wasteful European ‘government’. Or should that be dictatorship. I now begin to believe that since we have had so many lamentable, completely unworthy Tory prime ministers, oh yes we have, this country is in the doldrums. Starting with that idiot Cameron, followed by a grey May or was it April, and then the man who had it all and quickly got rid of any vestige of competence.

The one thing I will remember him for is that he finally got Brexit done. Only it stayed at that and everything is still in limbo. What a mess. Is this what Toryism is all about? If it is then please just go, and let’s all vote Liberal Democrat. What is bl**dy wrong with politicians? Is it just a nice little job with a tidy wage and sitting on the corpulent bottoms swigging expensive champagne? Are you all champagne Charlies? Is there anyone who CAN do some work? Look if you are all too lazy, I will tell you what needs doing. Get the woke brigade sorted out. Get the legal system properly updated. Get education sorted out. Priority to sciences and kick out universities that just want to teach home economics. Just so you know, I can hoover. I don’t need a BA to prove I can. Sort out properly the care needs. Put it this way mateys, I know to care for old people costs money. Now work out what the public purse can afford and if not enough tell us all we need a proper insurance system to care for our old age. Now get on with it and stop pretending you’re the party of proper economics, you lost that accolade a while ago.

My best wish for you is to ditch Boris quickly and get somebody who is not afraid to tackle big stuff and can handle adverse criticism. Sorry Boris, you’re the weak link. Get out.

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