Sunday, 23 January 2022

Anyone knows what's going on?

Hell, what do you know? I might have been wrong all along and misread the political mess we are in. From reports I am reading right now Brexit is NOT over yet! I wondered a bit about Partygate being blown up into massive proportions. A few drinks and a laugh. Yes, it was at a time when rules made by the government to combat Covid or so they thought, were broken by the selfsame politicians who made the rules. Well, there you go and probably unwise but it was hardly an occasion such as exploding the first atomic bomb, now was it? Nevertheless the result shamelessly exaggerated by the Remainer brigade headed by those warmongering ex-ministers Heseltine and Adonis, means the government is under extreme pressure. It means ousting the PM is probably the worst thing we can do right now. I still do think Boris is a lame duck, thanks to his proclivity to bend the truth but under these circumstances it is better to have a free lame duck with teeth than to have a shackled tiger. I think the view is getting clearer, there is a concentrated effort to reverse Brexit. Partygate is being used to great effect to oust the government, not just Boris. If I was Boris the time to show a ruthless streak is right at this time. Plan the closure of the Lords and elections for a second chamber. Delay the NI increase until the energy crisis abates or ends. Get plans to reform the Civil Service and get them into into gear. But above all stop shaking your head in the Commons and tear that popinjay Starmer apart! After all Starmer is just as guilty of breaking those laws. I have to admit it is getting very confusing. All the things that are wrong in this country. We should really let go of the past ideas. London needs dismantling. Why not abandon Westminster and literally spread government over the country? Set up a system such as in Germany, a type of federal government. There will be a central government dealing with matters of defence and foreign affairs, taxation etc but in all other matters the devolved governments will be responsible. The system will be based on ‘proportional representation’, not ‘first past the post’. This for starters. And just because you want to know it, I am not a socialist! Nor am I a Tory. I go by that age-old mantra ‘ Treat your neighbours as you want to be treated’.

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