Monday, 3 January 2022

An irreverent look at honours?

If anyone interested wants to look what is wrong in this country, do not look further than the gongs fest that happens in the new year’s honours. In fact you may well ask what is it about honours anyway? Obviously you might also think, look who is telling!. Yes, it’s me and without honours! Seriously, it should be asked why give these to politicians? I think top sports stars are, shall we say OK but politicians? Tony Blair is a case in point, he’s made a Sir, knighted in other words and a member of the Queens Order of the Garter. Go on then Tone, show us the blue riband on your wrinkly thigh then? It is just bonkers. This system of honours needs really looking at and possibly withdrawn altogether! Most of the honours that I see being dished out are for people who eminently haven’t done anything at all to deserve them. Yet people in my own community who have done splendid community work keeping the community they are in alive throughout the lock-downs and its aftermath of deprivation, are simply overlooked. It may be that no-one has been able to highlight it but if we are going to dish out honours then at least do it properly! Forget simpletons like Blair and equivalent, because others are waiting in the wings. Poor old Jeremy Corbyn wants to be known as Sir Jeremy and live in a castle as most dictators tend to do. Putin is looking green-eyed, he might buy some billion pound estate in London to join the other oligarchs in anticipation of being knighted! Well, why not? We are knighting almost every Tom, D*ck and Harry? Let’s make it worldwide! Ol’ Donald is eagerly awaiting a phone-call.

Edit: For the non-Brits amongst us, a riband is a ribbon! 

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