Friday, 21 January 2022

A sobering thought or two...

It is great to be able to understand another language or even languages. It gives a totally different idea on how other people view the world. Or view the people of the nation you yourself are part of. The UK consists of four quite different parts, Wales, Scotland, England and Northern Ireland. It also governs a few dependencies like the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands. Its people are pretty much what you would term ‘islanders’. Others would call it ‘self-centred’. It is quite normal because if you live on an island there is restricted movement. So, the thought processes are also pretty different from those who live on the ‘Continent’. Take the Dutch website of Quora, there was a question about whether we are destroying the planet and one of the replies which I found interesting said. 'No, we are not but we are making it quite difficult for ourselves'. The planet we live on has had periods of plentiful CO2 and higher, much higher temperatures than we have today. This is corroborated by the deposits of coal and oil which are a result of the enormous forests that grew during these warm/hot epochs. The carbon stored then we are simply releasing again today! In short we are returning the planet to a time of long, long ago. With much higher CO2 levels it may well be a return to the forests of yonder days. We will not like that but frankly we have no choice because we won’t be there. We will be long gone as temperatures of 50, 60 Centigrade or higher are not very good for humanity. This process is now ongoing and probably cannot be stopped. Make no mistake the planet will be fine but we will not. As the Quora writer said, ‘Nature will just carry on, also just without us. Within the next century the planet will be uninhabitable by mammals. Of humanity only a few remnants will linger on for a while before the planet is silent once again. Slowly plants will adapt to the much higher temperatures and begin the process all over again. The planet is fine, but Gaia will be pondering where it all went so wrong.

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