Saturday, 21 May 2022

Will less be better than more? Well....

There is a lot in the news, the papers, TV reports about inflation and the rise in prices across the board. I am basically a stupid person but let me ask a question, is everyone as stupid as me? Very few people talk about the underlying reasons why all this is happening. I have said quite a while ago what would happen if oil suddenly became scarce. Our western so-called civilisation has continually ignored the basic rules of supply and demand and how it is coupled to the basic availability of raw materials like oil, gas and other commodities. As we can easily see today, the oil price, diesel and petrol have hit the roof and are likely to go beyond that. This obviously will reverberate through to increased transport prices. You don’t need to be an economics graduate to see that! Increased transport prices will also increase commodity prices. 

As it stands today I cannot understand eminent people burbling on about how they are going to change all of that by government intervention. The only thing governments can do is the usual, either print more money and give that to whoever they want to give it to, like they did with the Covid lock-downs. Or increase taxes. People like me, do not count in the great scheme of things. Make no mistake, it has always been like that. Let’s not pretend we matter because nature sees no difference in humans and any other living thing! Simply this, if the food supply runs out, you starve, you can talk as much as you want, it will not make one jot of difference. Obviously as humans with some grey matter in our heads we can help by moving the available foods and other commodities around the world to initially stave off starvation in affected areas but that is very much depending on governmental resolve. 

Wars such as the Ukrainian-Russian conflagration will always be used as a way to disrupt the movement of goods across the world. The grain stored in Ukraine, millions of tonnes is held almost certainly as a bargaining chip by Russia. The oil and gas also supplied by Russia will also be used in that manner even though Europe has taken steps to diminish its dependence on Russian oil and gas. All these things are just the basis on which prices increase. Finally, the other big reason is the number of people in the world and increasing rapidly resulting in increased demand of almost everything. I cannot see the West having a predominant call on commodities anymore, the competition will drive up prices come what may. Mall in all we will have to get used to less and at higher cost. Furthermore, it might not be such a bad thing! Pointing back at a previous post where I mentioned my visit to a local hospital, I have never seen so many overweight people! No wonder we suffer so many ailments, heart problems, strokes, cancer and that’s just for starters! So, less will be much better. Goodbye to McDonalds, KFC, Deliveroo et al!

Thursday, 19 May 2022

Social Media- the New Wild West? Well, eh....

It is sometimes forgotten but it is not just MPs or governments alone that make a society. It is all of us and guess who has the majority? Yep, us, the great unwashed (as they say). We sit behind our computers or keep staring at our mobiles for hours on end , posting ludicrous messages. I am not excluded from that either from time to time. But I would call what happened to one MP, Rachel Maclean stupid, uncalled for and obnoxious. She said and I think correctly, dealing with rising costs etc, etc people should get a better job or work a bit longer. Sorry people but that is how I see it as well. Simply because that is what we all have done from time to time? If you wanted a better life, improve your basic income you would scour the papers for job adverts, wouldn’t you? I know I did! So, was she wrong? No, she was not. There is a danger now in this country to blame all the ills of society on governments or on those who lead us. Politicians in particular. A lot of blame can be levelled at government of course, either for being slow in righting its wrongs or for making laws off the cuff and repeal them next day. Known by me as ‘Stop-Gap’ government. 

Sure, I understand the feelings of a particular class of people, I too would love to sit at home watching TV all day with a beer in both hands but I cannot as a householder being responsible I have to see to it that we can live a reasonable life. That my children and grandchildren have the best education the system can provide. Surely, it is time to shut up and get on with it. Armchair critics who dish out death threats should be found and prosecuted. Even if they are a loner in a backroom in the back of beyond. I like to call politicians lazy or total idiots sometimes as well but that does not mean all of them. That’s the trouble with language, sometimes it can be too general in its sense or meaning. 

I think this has been the problem of Rebekah Vardy and Coleen Rooney as well. Both seem to have forgotten they did not just message a few friends who were of the same ilk, no they were literally speaking to the world. Even so, it would have been more prudent to sit these two in a dark room and lock the door until both said sorry. Perhaps it is high time to start ‘policing’ the Internet. Social media in particular. It is called the new Wild West for a reason!

Wednesday, 18 May 2022

A problem or two? Well yes, but what?

The following is just a flow of thought I have had for some time. As most of my friends will know I am a pretty astute observer of trends. One of the main trends pertains to western society. Our society is very much based on accessing plentiful foods and energy constituents, gas and oil. Obviously right now the war in Ukraine and the behaviour of Russian conscripts who, with or without their government approval have behaved appallingly, as a result we are in danger of losing easy access to foods, oil and gas supplies. 

It made me think why we actually listen to the drivel spouted by what I fear are politicians who ought to know better, and should make haste to sorting new resources. Yet, this trend has been coming for some time. Russia for instance, has never let go of their type of autocratic rule. Whether this was by a royal house or by the Mafia, it is just the same. It meant money went just one way, as it is still doing so today. Western thinking is completely different from Russian thinking. The two are basically incompatible. It has been our fault to just ignore that because we went for their ‘cheap’ oil and gas. We now found that there was a price attached to it after all! 

Through the worldwide situation having deteriorated, how are we going to deal with the influx of so many people into western Europe, including Britain? Not just Ukrainians but hundreds of thousands from all over who have been displaced or are simply looking for a better life. When delivery systems of food and energy are faltering all over the western world how then will we be able to sustain this level of incomers? It is a simple question but I fear our political leaders are not willing to tackle this even though they say they will. The British example shows this without doubt. We see hundreds if not thousands attempting and mostly succeeding crossing the Channel. Despite assurances by politicians, nothing has changed, and nothing has been done that can make a difference. Except perhaps for silly and probably unworkable ‘solutions’ like exporting them to a far-flung African country. As with everything else, politicians are literally ignoring the dangers and at most do a bit of tinkering at the edges. The sanctions imposed for instance are such tinkering, they are relatively easy to circumvent. Sure, there are some drawbacks, countries like Russia will find some commodities are difficult to get. But there are the Chinese, Indians and a host of other countries just waiting in the wings to get their hands on oil and gas at possible knock-down prices and in return supplying the needed extras. If we, that is the Western world, want to kick Russia down the stairs it will take more than a few sanctions. We will literally have to seal their borders. Somehow, if at all possible, I would not hold my breath.

Tuesday, 17 May 2022

Discipline is the work of the devil?

From time to time you can hear something worthwhile on the political BBC programs. This morning on Politics Live (BBC2-16/5/2022) we heard from a headmistress of a Wembley, London School about how their set-up of a stricter regime was benefitting pupils. Now you could hear the screams of indignation from across the country here in my front-room. For a start, I have been so aware of the way social interaction has been these past 40 or so years. Frankly it has been detrimental to people and children in particular all across the nation. It was great to see a teacher leading a strict set of behaviours in the classroom and what was more to the point, enjoyed by the children. This was clear from what they said themselves. 

It is a strange thing – discipline. It really alludes to a strict set of behaviours either self-discipline or the discipline needed to make a company of people perform tasks. Soldiers would be an example of the need for discipline. You could not have a number of people including soldiers, entrusted to perform a task and then all going about it a multitude of different ways. The task, what ever it could be, would never be completed. Probably it is what besets the Russian army at the moment. The task they set themselves, that of conquering a neighbouring country is seen to be failing because discipline is woeful. The discipline of harnessing logistics to field requirements is totally missing. Whatever, but in our schools discipline is an afterthought as well. The woke brigade has its tentacles spread throughout our schools. Leftie liberal teachers and governing bodies live in La-La land, and as a result pupils have lost their respect for teachers. This can be seen almost everywhere. I am not advocating a militaristic regime in schools but a strict set of rules will do no-one any harm. Pupils will know exactly where they stand, a situation all children need. The free-for-all situation we have in Britain especially in lacking rules or structure, does not benefit anyone. It pervades all strata of our society, from the Cabinet Room of our government, to political parties vying with each other to make the most outrageous statements of proposed policy. Most of which will never materialise or happen. We, the bemused majority are looking onto this very sad state of affairs with a jaundiced eye. It is time to send the woke to Coventry!

Edit – the sentence – sending someone or an idea to Coventry meaning to silence someone or something. To send someone to Coventry is an idiom used in England meaning to deliberately ostracize someone. Typically, this is done by not talking to them, avoiding their company, and acting as if they no longer exist. Victims are treated as though they are completely invisible and inaudible. Coventry is a cathedral city historically in Warwickshire. (from Wikipedia).

Monday, 16 May 2022

Nature fights back?

When it comes to nature, Wales is still pretty fortunate. It is getting more difficult for wildlife to flourish especially with our planning departments not taking into consideration nature in any way. All that matters seemingly is council tax income. Whatever, I am fortunate to live next to a small river. In past years this river was extremely polluted by coal dust and other pollutants, probably best not to name them. But I have seen as I am able to get to the river bank, a most rare bird, the dipper! It has come back to the river it once frequented but was poisoned to death. Now it is nesting, I know where and bringing up chicks. At this very moment I have seen the parent birds feeding the chick. Literally dipping into the fast flowing river and flying to and fro’ to the chick sitting ‘dipping’ on a rock. It surely is a heartwarming story because to say it frankly, dippers are pretty rare and very shy of humans. 

They seem to have become a bit used to me as I sit on the bank flying by whilst whistling a warning as they do so. A number of other birds have come back as well, the wagtails, I have seen two pairs of the grey and one only of the pied wagtail. The grey wagtails, although they are pretty with lots of yellow feathers, have become used to me and literally feed right at my feet. As long as I don’t move they hop around. It is great to see them flying sharply upward to catch a fly which I didn’t even see! Fortunately this river next to my property is full of invertebrates. I have seen creeping things that ‘hide’ by building a shield of very small stones, literally minuscule and creep about on the bottom. The dippers love those! 

Presently the water level is pretty low because it has been very dry and I had to rescue a young brown trout. I saw it lying gasping for some oxygen in a shallow pool. Managing to pick it up as I was wearing rubber wellingtons. I put it in a much deeper pool and under a stone overhang. It is still there, probably until the next rain storm will it allow to move down or up river. It did not like being picked up but needs must, eh? At least it is a bit safer from the heron that frequents this part every morning! I see it standing on the bank or sitting still on a branch of the trees growing next to the main road. I am hoping to hear ducklings as a pair of mallards have been seen a few times. I am not sure if they nest close by but all will become clear if ducklings are around. Hopefully the neighbourhood cats will leave them be. Cats hunt anything around here, but as I am a cat person, I let nature sort its own rules out. But I stop at the neighbours' cats sh*tting in my greenhouse, that should be a death sentence or at least life internment in a bare cell with one feed a day. Dry!

Sunday, 15 May 2022

A material problem? Go asteroid man!

Clic’, a rather interesting pseudo science reportage program from the ubiquitous BBC channel was showing, in one way, the shortage of materials on Earth. Mining for metals here is becoming a more expensive because we have to look further afield. So, the program was showing whether asteroid mining was actually a proposition, was it worthwhile. Well, it could be of course but from my point of view it would depend on two things, the remaining availability on Earth and the difference in costs. The deposits on Earth are finite, particularly as economies of countries are using more and more, it will become necessary to look elsewhere.

It is interesting because it will almost certainly involve human beings. But are we really fit for living in space? Where is the food supply, water, vitamins? You can only take so much with you. After all it still takes some nine months to fly to Mars and the asteroid belt is much further away! So, this will throw up another conundrum. It is now known that human muscle deteriorates, even when exercising in space. After all we are used to a constant 1G on Earth, our muscular system is completely in tune with it. 

It is one of the reasons, I think, we will never see aliens. We might encounter robotic beings but not flesh and blood in space. The reason is, again it is my personal opinion, that after a very prolonged travel time human beings would not be able to move much at all. Nor will any alien. For that reason interplanetary wars fought by sentient beings of the flesh and blood type, is not really possible. I laughed at some American SF films, such as ''Starship Troopers' as complete hogwash, funny yes but totally unrealistic. Call it brain-fodder. Indeed, for that reason I believe asteroid mining would have to be entirely robotic and as such pretty expensive. And as with everything else, money will dictate whether these efforts are feasible.  

The other side of the coin is why do we not more on recycling? Most materials can be salvaged and re-used. But as there is a cost associated with it which is more expensive than mining new resources we lack the will to recycle properly. It is believed that the electronic waste mountain exists of 18 million tons of discarded equipment at this moment and increasing (see this url - Thrown away and just mostly clogging up our living space. What we are doing is continually looking up but forgetting to look down. We are deluding ourselves about space thinking it will save everything but in the meantime our base, the planet Earth, is withering and rotting under our feet. Well, we will reap what we sow, so let it be grain on Earth and not ideas about how to sow that on Mars or some Godforsaken asteroid!

Saturday, 14 May 2022

A social conundrum?

If you think you know something about English society, and remember that is NOT Welsh or Scottish society, you only will know it properly when you look at the situation about social behaviour. Here we have two WAG’s ( it basically means Wives And Girlfriends). There are other definitions of WAG but let’s not go into them right now as I do not want to be accused of misogyny. Two WAGs as we know today, have been at war for nearly four years! If you would ask what was this very serious issue that needed to go to court, did one sleep with the other's partner, is it something to do with the world security situation? Or perhaps the boat people being shipped to Uganda? No? What then? Enlighten me, please. Oh, it was a series of Instagram messages about nothing in particular. These two women were very in tune to displaying their way of life to all and sundry and one suddenly thought ‘Hey this picture I did not send, who did it’? And after a silly way of stinging by sending false messages she decided it was another WAG who had done the ‘UNTHINKABLE’ copying or spreading stories. You would have thought that was the idea? Yes? Isn't that the point of Instagram and similar rubbish?

This vacuous way of living with social media seems all too prevalent with these people that use social media to portray the way they live life. Not just these two, all who use social media this way seem to have a stitch or two loose. This is in contrast with another lady who has been raising nearly £5,000,000 with her podcasts about her colon cancer. Through her very illness and of which she is close to death, she used social media the right way. Instead two WAGs are spending literally millions of pounds which will not benefit anyone, only lawyers. It is just incredible to learn that our society actually takes this as seriously as it does. A court battle literally over nothing at all, except the feelings of two women who feel their ‘standing’ within the social media classes has been ‘besmirched’. Yeah, yeah, and that is the state of society in England today. Good question to ask is ‘How would these two survive in a situation that loads of women have faced and still do in Ukraine’? Over and out.

Edit - the term WAG should not be seen in a specific derogatory way in this post. It is mainly repeating the terminology used in the national press about footballers wives. We might argue whether it is right or not but that's another post perhaps.

Thursday, 12 May 2022

A very timely warning? It sure has to be...

The Sky political report I just read about the Russian intentions was rather revealing. Not only that but I also have felt for quite a time that the Russian mentality is an aggressive one. They do have an inbuilt distrust of western peoples. It might have something to do with the invasions of Napoleon and Hitler but I cannot be certain. I think as they are the descendants of Atilla the Hun explains all. The Mongols of old did virtually what the Russian army still does. Plunder, rape and destroy everything in their path. 

However, to go back to the news bit it said a new security chapter has opened in Europe. No sh*t? It has always been some problem in Europe, ever since man moved into the lush forests to hunt boar. The Russian invasion has shaken our sleepy leaders to the core and all are now suddenly regretting to have decimated the armed forces. As the report said, the West went to sleep after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Except the problem was as it appears now, the Russians did not. In fact they did not lessen their armed forces but took great steps to arm with nuclear weapons. There were warnings but politicians like we have had in Britain after WW2 were convinced that Russia and China were no threat. How wrong we have been! The result was as we have now, armed forces of a measly 70,000 at the most. Probably just enough to invade the Channel Islands should they get ideas of independence. I avidly watched the TV programmes about our navy, the building of the two newest carriers but should we have not thought that these big ships are great targets? It is true though that they have planes on them that can escape but there will be no return when a silent sub has torpedoed them. 

All in all, it is the same story, you let your guard down and someone will throw a punch. Or at least will try! Whilst we have nations like Russia led by a megalomaniac or China which is also seems intent on a confrontational way of politics or even Iran which threatened to wipe Israel of the map, we would be stupid to drop all sense of security. Not just for ourselves but for our way of life. Democracy and free will. Russia’s naked aggression should be a big warning to us here. It will be a lot better facing them where they are now. To push them back to their borders, rather than having to face them across the North Sea! So, no quibbling about enlarging the armed forces in Britain. We need 300,000 plus the most modern conventional weapons. Let's stop any political nonsense about Trident or even better develop our own. Including small battlefield nuclear weapons. Future wars as now shown are pretty destructive to infrastructure, the reason why Russian armed forces are bombing civilian areas. To stop weapons and aid coming through. So, let's this be a warning to us all. It just doesn't pay to drop your guard.

Sunday, 8 May 2022

Is independence really as good as they think?

Isn’t politics a rather strange animal? In the UK we’ve had a bout of local elections. You know, the county councils and city assemblies. To say that the Conservatives had a bit of a rough time is probably an understatement but things like Partygate as well as the cost of living, the European problems and of course, the Ukraine war are all playing around in the minds of voters. It is surprising the Conservatives did not lose every seat! As it stands today, the first proper steps have now been taken by voters to separate Northern Ireland from the UK. If this becomes a ongoing run it will most likely signal the end of the United Kingdom as we know it so which will just become a mix of smaller nations with no impact on the world scene. Scotland continually harps on about independence as does Wales from time to time. But does this or will it, heal all the ills of society? I doubt it very much. Here in the UK we will have to re-learn how to look properly after our own land. Scotland or Wales or Northern Ireland are not some bits of land for the convenience of our larger neighbour, England. If we are desirous of keeping our island united then equality in and of everything, has to be a paramount objective! It is something I fear the ruling elite in London, it does not mean just Conservatives, must learn very fast! 

When I look around what happens in Wales, I do really sense that we dance to the tune of England. Despite having our own Assembly, now gloriously called Y Senedd, Wales still lacks many powers that I would call indispensable to good government. If the breakup happens it might be prudent to look at a type of government they have in the US and Germany. Federal government. Defense, foreign policy plus fiscal policy to be the remit of the federal government. Everything else the responsibility of the federation members. Well, we will just have to see how things will pan out. 

The world situation is still precarious with Russia throwing its weight around albeit somewhat without much planning or thought processes. Before we can go further this atrocious and incompetent war has to end. Russian troops to completely withdraw from Ukraine is just for starters. We need to see how we want Europe to be and this includes the Union. We have to remember the Western world is under threat. The idea of democracy is under threat. Under threat from despots and criminal gangs like the mafias of the world. Drugs are rampant. I am really in favour of tackling this head on. 

We need to develop certain areas of land, perhaps an island or so, where these criminals can be safely put to work. Learn agriculture. Develop space cities where we could leave them to develop the Moon or Mars. Lovely, I think it really has merits. You can grow as much hash or coca plants there as you want. I believe the Chinese are thinking along those lines.

Saturday, 7 May 2022

Is there an alternate to our universe?

Going on from previous posts about ‘Universe’ matters, it is getting really interesting in the scientific community with theories coming out of the woodwork! The theory concerning multiverses and also he idea of an alternate universe to ours where time runs in the opposite direction. I read something about some research with a bilayer of graphene sheets. In this experiment electricity moved through the sheets suggesting if you took the idea through to two universes and how they might interact you could see the two worked as one unit preserving symmetry. In other words our reality is just one of a pair of interacting universes. The idea I thought about some time ago about symmetry seems plausible. To the tune of one universe is expanding the other is contracting. That would mean, if we are keeping to the idea of equivalence, as soon as the one is down to its lowest possible density, the other will be at its largest circumference. From then on the reverse will happen. It also brings to the fore the idea of an oscillating universe. A never ending sequence of bounce and retraction. In unison with our opposites. Another interesting point this will make is there an opposite ME? It would also mean my future is already known. I think it is a big idea but it has merit. It puts our idiotic ways, such as the Ukrainian war in a different light.

One idea here too is when will the two universes be in equilibrium? That is to say at precisely the same level of existence. Perhaps some religion has an answer, possibly or possibly not. It may be that it has already happened. I have always been wondering about stories of the ‘Holy beings’. People such as Jesus, Buddha, Confucius, and Mohamed. They were enlightened and there was an aura of other-worldliness around them. It might be not correct of course but yet was there an interconnecting time? Interconnecting between two universes? Obviously I hope my readers will be able to sleep tonight! But I do believe the universe(s) are more hiding than they give out. Besides we are only just starting to explore our very small bit of it. The questions are heaping up but there are few answers for now.

Friday, 6 May 2022

Vote, Vote, Vote, perhaps. Who again?

In my part of the world we have just voted in the next load of half-wits to run local services. Well, at least they think they run it. It beats me how mediocre it all is. From local coucillors to national (Wales) government and ending with the shower in Westminster. This nation spends an unbelievable amount on the cost of government, Civil Service and all the council empires which could pay for most of the national debt of any African nation. It is a fair question, what do we get for our money? I went to the polls earlier in the morning and I was completely confused. Vote for two candidates on each of the two papers. Eh? And where was the Green party? Has the Rhondda now become a Labour council and no other party counts? There was only Labour, Plaid Cymru, with two candidates each the other two did obviously not count. How will they figure out the count? Perhaps so-called proportional representation is not working quite how it should. 

I have said before voting for multiple people does not work. It ought to be simple, something that works in other countries. You first establish how many seats there will be in the assembly, nationally or locally. Then you must work out how many votes a seat will have to have to it. It also means you will have to make voting mandatory. The political parties themselves will decide the number of candidates they will field. The list will go in importance from top to bottom. The top guy or gal will be the ‘List leader’ and is the first to be voted in. The voting paper the public will see is the party name on the top with the candidates below. You can vote for just the party or a named individual. Then first and foremost all the votes will be counted for each political party which will decide how many seats each party will have. The parties themselves can try to determine which candidates are successful. The parties will look at the votes cast for named individuals. Funny, but I begin to believe whatever system you will use, there are going to be arguments one way or the other. So, let’s try a dictator next and get rid of all this cr*p! Prince William has my vote! In the end why not just vote for a political party and forget anything like voting personally for an individual. The parties can decide how they will fill the seats or go according to a named list. Simple? Nah, nothing is simple, not in the UK it isn’t!

Monday, 2 May 2022

Is Parliament fit for purpose? Hmmm....

What fun it is to know that we are soundly governed. Brilliant minds who have the best ideas about how to save us all from starvation and cold! Yes, our Parliament is fit for purpose. But then we have the likes of Rayner, the beautiful portly Boris, Dishy Rishy, Sir Davey and let’s not forget the leader in the House for the Greens. Beautiful people but let’s ask where do all these come from? Ah yes, I forgot, they were on the school play ground playing Tic-Tac-Toe. What in all blazes is the matter with politicians? Despite all Ms Rayner’s protestations about something they call misogyny without knowing what the word means and the crossing of her legs in front of the sexy Boris (!) it seems that the truth is stranger than anything we have heard so far. Frankly Angela’s legs are eminently forgettable. Surely all this is just literally child’s play? The usual stuff you may experience in the school play area?

It is however worrying that our law making is guided by all these idiots. You might ask this question – does Putin see all this as well? No wonder he doesn’t think much of the defense capability of the UK. Guided by the porn watching MP crowd whilst talking about how to increase their stipend. They probably would have no time to decide whether to use the nuclear option or who is going to press the button. Even if they knew where the button actually was! (I know - it is in the right hand toilet as you enter Buckingham Palace). As I have mentioned many times before, get rid of Parliament as it is. Build a round building somewhere in Derby or York, and make Westminster a relic of a past era. Furthermore, all prospective MPs need a year long college based teaching program in which they will be taught how to behave, how to dress, how to speak and most of all learn the English language. Plus a sound knowledge of British history and Geography so they will know the difference between Chad and Tuvalu or the Pornhub and TikTok.

Sunday, 1 May 2022

Are we abandoning all sense of propriety?

Viewing the world situation as it is today I just wonder why the various churches, or if you will, religious organisations are not more outspoken about the political situation. Take the C of E (Church of England) or the CiW (Church in Wales) both Anglican main Churches ever since that fat Henry VIII decided he wanted to bed yet another woman rather than the Queen. But we do not hear much about their views except a few mediocre grumbles. I am attending the CiW and also here we see sexually driven agendas and problems. That lesbian and homosexual clergy are around is nothing new, they have always been around. But today they insist on being openly gay, moreover some even expound this as the way to live. I am hetero-sexual, but do I, except for this first eulogy, expound that view? No, sir I do not. 

Just look at our hallowed Parliament in London. MPs all over the place who seem to have a problem with their view of what power allows them. It seems to include sexual favours being taken for granted and treated as one of the rights of office. Behaviour is appalling! These, the Church and Parliament, are the very people who we are supposed to look up to. Sorry to have to say, today I just don’t think they are up to the mark! I have always, in my time as a manager been aware that certain top people seem to have an enormous sexual appetite. But it is not just that, it is the power they feel they must have and display over others. Particularly women. What is even worse, I also saw women play up to that. Obviously through saying that it seems I am condemning all ladies. No, I am not, but too many do a disservice to the name of woman! 

I have mentioned a few times about women feeling the need to dress in such a way as to leave little to the imagination. We must remember the sexual drive is one of the most powerful drives in mammals. The genus we belong to as well. There are many ways you can feel good without dressing so openly provocative. That goes for men as well. I have to say these are just my views but I dare to say I am not the only one who thinks like this. We simply need to be more aware of others, we are not on our own with our own wishes and desires. The world is the world, but it can be a heck of a lot better than it is right now.

Saturday, 30 April 2022

Some hospital visit that was!

So many times do we read and hear about all the problems faced by the NHS (National Health Service in the UK). The need for more money, the problems with waiting times, and let’s be brutally honest, the incapability of our wonderful politicians(!). To say politicians cannot even organise a p*ss-up in a brewery is an understatement. Whatever is ailing the NHS, it is NOT of their own making. There might be errors because of being understaffed, doctors and nurses are simply overworked, over-tired and presently underpaid. I say all this because I had to go to the local Welsh hospital for a CT scan on my colon. Being a bit nervous, because the last one some years ago involved a long black pipe carrying some equipment and a light. But things progress, this time it involved a very short tube up the rectum which I did not even feel and a large round scanner. Being wheeled four times in various positions it was all over in under ten minutes! And this is my point, these machines, scanners and all the equipment that comes with it cost quite a bit. I should say a few millions? The NHS is to be commended for updating their equipment. The time it took pus the booking in process and brief waiting for the room to be vacated by the previous patient, was just under an hour! The other thing I noticed and I have not been to a hospital for a number of years, lucky certainly but the amount of obese people is actually staggering! I am not sure what is happening in the UK, are we so silly to eat everything bar the kitchen sink? No wonder the waiting times are horrendous in certain departments. We all know what can happen when we are overweight or even obese, Type 2 diabetes for one and a host of cancers. I am not saying sufferers must be left to their own devices but we all should know what is waiting if we do not take sound advice. Indeed the waiting rooms were full of people who perhaps if looking after themselves a bit better wouldn’t be there at all. It is not fair to expect the NHS to carry the burden of our collective inability to control our appetites! Let’s hope that in one way the growing population will make all of us think harder about how to produce food and how and what to consume!

Thursday, 28 April 2022

It is all pointless, just for wanting to be topdog...

So the UN chief said that war in the 21st century is an absurdity. Hurrah, someone saying the right thing. If you look at it, it is an absurdity. Here we have a large country just throwing its weight about. Unfortunately they are making a big mess of it as well. Its like a little baby throwing its toys out of the pram. I want it Mummy, gimme,gimme, gimme! Russia feels threatened, we should ask Eh? By what or by who? Russia could have had excellent trading relationships with all the countries around it. Most need the resources they have. Russia could have been the richest country on Earth even surpassing the US and China! But no, they want political control. How stupid can you get? Instead of swimming in gold plated baths, they have become the pariahs of the whole planet. 

But we have to be fair, the West has not always been squeeky clean either. We as well have thrown our weight around if things did not go our way. We really need to look at what makes humans do the actions we do, like war. In the days of wooden spears and clubs it was bad but not threatening the stability of the planet. Now we say, don’t mess with me I have atomic bombs. Looking at nature we see violence everywhere, fighting for wanting to be top man (or woman) or a non-binary person. Fighting to be the one with procreation rights. But on the other hand we have been given brains that can easily see where all that leads to. We can change. Perhaps we are at the end in real terms as research done in the past with rats shows what will happen. They put a few rats in a controlled space. All went well. They cooperated in obtaining the food supply, each took their turn. But the birthrate went through the roof because there was plenty of food (given by the researchers of course) and now the living space dramatically reduced for each rat. Guess what happened? Yes, war. They turned on each other. May be that explains Mr P’s behaviour in an overcrowded world. He should reflect that his country has enormous space and only some 150 million citizens. Compared with the US with over 250 million and Chine with 2 billion, they are minnows. Frankly they have no reason to go to war with another country but for vanity and ‘Look how strong I am’. Pointless like the UN chief said. 

 It is too easy to get into a mode of war frenzy. We all have wants and needs and unfortunately some of us wish to take it from the other person. By force if necessary. We might be better educated in the western world but we too can be as stupid as Mr P. is today. Perhaps it is high time to have a look at our way of governing. Are there better ways? Forget confrontation? If you want to see confrontation look no further than the UK parliament. Where you will see two sides shouting insults at each other. Luckily they are not fighting yet, don't need to with mobile phones to look at! 

Wednesday, 27 April 2022

Are we still sleeping or have now finally woken up?

It is beginning to look like some powerful people are having to take desperate measures. That is to say, the Russian leadership. Sergei Lavrov continually mentioning ‘We are driving towards a nuclear confrontation (with NATO?) knowing it is basically claptrap. His credibility is nil. Now Britain is in the viewfinder, as we are supposedly supporting Ukraine. It beats me when it seems the the Russians do not think there should be any retaliation from the Ukranian side. No, of course not I suppose it is very OK to just march into another country, virtually rape and plunder everything you can get your hands on. Kill a few thousands of civilians and you don’t expect people to fight back? How stupid can you possibly be? 

Has any Russian today have any credibility? If you call that brinkmanship you need a quick lesson in how to properly conduct yourself. To my mind the Russians are paranoid. They think they are a world power but in fact they are just a third world country with similar attitudes. They are a country with weapons they do not understand and have no problem with sacrificing their young men for their idea of ‘Greater Glory’ for the fatherland. 

Here in the West we have been lulled into a false sense of security, Russia was a trading partner. A valued trading partner but in reality under the cloak of respectability the ideas were always about restoring the erstwhile Soviet Union inclusive all the lands they then controlled. They have a lot of resources which pays for their weapons but to have weapons is not the same as how to properly use them! I really cannot see the point of nuclear weapons since using them and that by both sides, is tantamount to destroying our own living spaces. Including the food supply we all depend on. The planet itself would be sent back to an empty hulk and will start all over again. We are talking millions of years. Some species will survive but it won’t be humans or any of the other mammals. Fishes might well survive, and some insects as long as they were away from any detonation sites. Not nice I know but that is the level of education of politicians. 

Look at the negotiating skills of our politicos for instance, they couldn’t convince the Arabs to buy our sand. It is good quality sand, you know! Well, we should tell the Russians, we supply weapons to anyone who undergoes atrocities as seen in Ukraine. If you do not want the Ukrainians to retaliate just withdraw and go home. But it leaves unanswered questions – like what should we do with Russia afterwards? I think the Americans got it right, Russia needs weakening. In fact it needs its nuclear arsenal taken down, to be confiscated en bloc. The West needs to become more of one mind about dictatorial regimes. Russia is too big, it just needs dismantling. So, welcome Sweden and Finland and up yours, Putin. And thank you for ensuring that NATO is now pretty aware of what you are up to!

Monday, 25 April 2022

The world is the world but is it right?

Now that we know, more or less, what the Russians are up to which is no more or less than the total destruction of another country. Whether this will culminate in annexation of the whole lot or just parts of it and which will most likely cut the Ukraine off from the Black Sea, we will have to see. But I am going to be extremely critical. Has Britain been culpable in this? In fact has the Western World? In the UK we allowed the Russian mafia to buy up great amounts of property. In fact we were so eager to get their money we were happy to overlook their credentials. And let’s be fair these credentials were well known! In fact if you look at the way Britain is governed, do you believe we are really, really democratic? Yes, we talk a lot about it but we are still governed by an elite that have great ties to the aristocracy. We have our own oligarchs, just look at who owns Ineos and where he lives. Look at Branson who mostly resides somewhere in the Caribbean. I am not saying that these two have done wrong, no they just use the laws allowing a tax scheme or schemes benefiting them and their companies. Both probably have their personal money in tax havens. Precisely how the Russian oligarchs got so rich by plundering their country’s riches. Even worse, this was made easier by the KGB crowd who took over after Yeltsin. All warmly applauded by other countries, yes the US and Britain in particular. I am not suggesting Branson et al are plundering their country's riches but they sure use them. When you remember the tenure of the Labour party, when Blair was the main man, he too quickly was subsumed into the system. The system of Etonesque rule, aided and abetted by the learned Oxford idiots. Oxford is not really a university of academic excellence, it is a hotbed of sanctimonious claptrap.

I am beginning to enjoy this rant but let’s be fair the world as a whole is in great trouble. It is time to stop the talk and start the proper doing. When the Ukraine problem has been solved, one way or the other, we will have to adjust the policies to the new world order. More so stick by them. It seems we are heading to a much more confrontational world. If we do not have the right leaders I think this time will be the time when the human race will say a sad farewell to the planet. In fact, leave this planet in the state it was 12 billion years ago. So let’s get the facts out in the open, call a thief a thief and a rotten politician a rotten politician. Let’s get the reality out in the open. And remember this Russian proverb - “Fear the goat from the front, the horse from the rear, and man from all sides.” It shows how they look at the world.

Sunday, 24 April 2022

Walk around, seeing things that matter...

Rather than reading all the gloomy reports about global destruction from a nuclear confrontation between Russian idiots and American sillybillies I went walking in nature and discovered hidden in a small tuft of grass a nest of robins. Yes, life goes on. I nearly asked the robin nestlings what they thought of Putin but whilst they blinked with their eyes I didn’t think they had an opinion. That is strange as the Russians might well unleash nuclear armageddon which also would impact the robins. I just marvelled at how small they were. But you know, they have as much right to live as you and me! On my daughter’s property the germander speedwell grows profusely and I even noticed a harebell! Loads of buttercups at this time of the year and what surprised me there is a pair of grey wagtails that keep trying to get into the house! They tap their beaks onto the window, ‘Let us in’! I think the explanation was that prior to people living in the cottage at the time of extending the property it was open to the air at breeding time. They were probably nesting inside the building somewhere. But even more interesting red kites are now regularly seen hunting rabbits. Not so long ago these were extinct in Wales or nearly so. There was a farmer in Mid-Wales who started feeding these birds and now some are regularly seen as far south as Cardiff!. A real success story. Our whole family is very much attuned to nature and are pretty observant, especially about birds. Too many are now endangered thanks to unbridled house building and environmental destruction. What bothers me is the enormous decrease in house martins and swifts. In years gone by you would see hundreds flying over the small Welsh towns but now you will be lucky to see tens, perhaps twenty or so. My daughter has a barn which is open, one of the windows has lost the glass and last year two pair of swifts made a nest. These are still in situ and I hope that they will return as long as the Sicilian hunters have not shot them. Just hope and wait until the south wind blows again.

Veronica chamaedrys, the germander speedwell, bird's-eye speedwell, or cat's eyes, is a herbaceous perennial species of flowering plant in the plantain family Plantaginaceae. Considered a good luck charm for travellers, the bright blue flowers of Germander speedwell are meant to 'speed' you on your way. This reputation may well have come about because of its habit of forming large clumps in hedgerows, roadside verges and grassy lanes; it can also be found on grasslands and in open woodlands. The flowers appear from April to June (from The Wildlife Trust).

 The robin's nest is not too clear I did not want to disturb them too much. 

Tuesday, 19 April 2022

Is there a point to Twitter? Really??

Reading Twitter makes you think the world consists of only total idiots. I have always wondered who Alistair Campbell really is under that austere skin. But he appears to be devoid of any common sense whatsoever. But he is happy. I also wonder at the same time what is the point of Twitter. However, some of the exclamations of horror and indignation are quite fun to read. I wonder if Boris Johnson reads Twitter? If he does, does he sleep at all? 

Now I read that quite a few, more than 50 MPs are to be investigated. There seems to be only one thing MPs get investigated for and that is of a sexual nature. Whoaah! The Palace of Westminster a brothel now? It does not really surprise me, being cooped up with lovely low dêcolletage, mini-dress wearing secretaries it must do something for the nether regions, I think. These MPs, usually the male variety of course, cannot wait to get to the office to get to work(!). Should we ask what the state of British politics is in? Or should we admit that British politics is just another window on our society? It should be obvious if you are an avid reader of the SUN newspaper that sex is an activity uppermost in our thoughts at any time of the day. Obviously MPs not being an exception. I do think though that politics are taking a bit of a bashing. Wokery is all around, MPs fall over themselves to appease almost anybody with weird ideas of how we should live, how to call each other. Just ask Emily Thornberry.The problem as far as I can see is that hitherto cherished ways of society have been eroded by brain-dead individuals who have fixated ideas how we all should live. We have not yet learned how to deal with all of that. As a result we are in a moral vacuum. In that state anything goes. Interesting times indeed. It is remarkable to note the behaviour of people today with the behaviour displayed in war times. You might say we have grown up, well have we really? In the end we are the architects ourselves of the society we live in. If the majority do not stand up then minorities will always try to fill the vacuum. In the end there is one thing to say, if you want to be a leader then make sure you are indeed better than us, the worthy voters. If you want to make laws then you should be first and foremost abiding by them. If you want to change society make sure it will be suitable for all, not just you and your ideas. Having said that I can now go back and pick up the rubbish that all law abiding under 30’s love to throw about. Hallelujah!

Sunday, 17 April 2022

Is there a point in protesting?

It is rather interesting, this grouping called Extinction Rebellion (XR). Doing some interesting things like protesting by glueing themselves to road surfaces or other interesting things like the top of buses or trains. The funny thing is by doing that they actually doing more damage to the infrastructure than ‘saving’ the planet. The argument stated that they want to protest against the government falls flat because the ‘inconvenience’ is actually directed at the general population. I have been listening to some of the inane expressions of some of the ‘protesters’ and pretty quickly you come to the conclusion that here we have yet another set of people who have found their reason for living. Meaning they have found what they think is their purpose in life. 

 I read an ‘New Yorker’ article from 2017 which asked quite simply ‘Is there any point in protesting’? By Nathan Heller and he (I am assuming he is a ‘he’ and not a non-binary exclamation mark) he pointed out some of the American protests, some violent - remember the Trump Capitol demonstration, the Iraq war protests, and so on and on. Equally similar protests in London and other cities. Similarly with BLM. As he said ‘For centuries, on the right and the left alike, it has been an article of faith that, in moments of sharp civic discontent, you and I and everyone we know can take to the streets, demanding change’. But he also asks ‘What has protest done for us lately? Smartphones and social media are supposed to have made organizing easier, and activists today speak more about numbers and reach than about lasting results. Is protest a productive use of our political attention? Or is it just a bit of social theatre we perform to make ourselves feel virtuous, useful, and in the right’? 

In a book written by Nick Srnicek and Alex Williams, ‘Inventing the Future: Post-capitalism and a World Without Work Paperback – 4 Oct. 2016’, they questioned the power of marches and other manifestations of protest, calling it ‘folk politics’. Furthermore these methods, they say, are more habit than solution. Protest is too fleeting. It ignores the structural nature of problems in a modern world. Even more, these protests such as BLM, XR and more, show a lot of reasoning through individual stories, something journalists do too. In other words we make our minds up through listening to just a few individual stories. We stop systematically thinking about change. The change that would be needed to accomplish the intended result. Politics as a pastime, as a drug-experience but no effect on transforming society. 

It is an interesting view and one I agree with. From where I am sitting all the arguments, protests, destruction of property have had very little effect if at all, on society. Take the Colston statue as an example, did this do anything for the crofters in Scotland? Or the farmers in Mid-Wales who are losing thousands of pounds? Or even for the lowly young women (ask Anneliese Dodds what a woman is) secretaries in London? No, I didn’t think so either. Is there an answer? Possibly but I’m sure it does not include glueing yourself to the road.