Sunday, 5 December 2021

To be or not to be travelling...

With the renewed travel restrictions now going to be imposed the travel industry is complaining that it faces extinction! As its leaders stated, this is a hammerblow. Well, frankly what did they expect? You could argue that the government is letting all industry including the travel industry sort out its own problems. The government has always done this in this country. The coal industry in Wales and some other places was virtually closed down overnight without any thought of the consequences. Thousands of miners and support staff were just abandoned. Wales is still suffering the aftermath, problems with health, housing, infrastructure. I am afraid that the travel industry will also have to face a similar fate. Particularly in view of the damage aeroplanes make to the climate. Emissions of CO2 and other gases have to be eliminated. The problem of course is the same as happened in Wales. There will be thousands unemployed. There will be some help in that unemployment benefits are available but in the end everyone will have to find their own way. Various UK governments have been particularly bad at making decisions without effective research in possible aftermath scenarios. I suppose not just in the UK, it seems a worldwide problem with political decision making. In the past I have called this type of government ‘Stop-gap government’. You stop a gap, a problem solved. Great but because of that other gaps open up etc etc. The Thatcher era was particularly good at that.

Well, let’s hope that the government is not just using this way to curtail the travel industry and stop people flying but I am afraid inertia is rife in the hallowed halls of Westminster so don’t hold your breath just yet!

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