Friday, 31 December 2021

To be Linux or not to be? That's indeed the question...

For many years I have been an avid supporter and user of Linux. I have not used Windows on my main desktop for nigh on ten years. Linux from then and now are completely different things. In the beginning it was pretty hard to install and run but today it’s almost a baby’s game. The Linux flavour called Mint which is possibly the most popular after Ubuntu, is very Windows like. However, one has to have a smudge of computer knowledge as installation and installing peripherals are not always straightforward. Being frank, I must say Linux leaves Windows standing by a mile, if not more! On top of that, it is a much safer operating system. The software has a firewall (UFW and GUFW) that is pretty strong. In fact it is based on software called ‘IPtables’ in which the more conversant operators can set their own rules.

I still have Windows on a laptop - an Acer, only because the wonderful manufacturer decided to  allow for Windows only. Any trial to install Linux just stops half-way. I can run Linux but only from a CD. The wonderful world of Mr Gates, the multi billionaire, thank you from the bottom of my heart, not.

Just wondering why so many computers, laptops, desktops, tablets and more come with Windows already installed? What is the deal struck with manufacturers? American commercial nous above all? I am sure Russian and possibly Chinese computers run Linux! NGINX, the Russian web server software runs best on Linux, wonder why? Fortunately NGINX is open source, meaning anyone can see the code underlying it. Or even tinker with it, called “Forking”. It is advisable though to not do that because if it is well-working and it does what the magician says it does, why bother? Open source software is the way the world needs to go. Oh I know Microsoft’s answer to that and it is that they provide work for thousands. True, but is it the best way? Today Microsoft is clutching at straws, look at Windows 11 which software came out after Microsoft strongly stated over some years ‘Windows 10 is the last OS, we will only update and improve”. Yep, that’s Americans for you. Never too slow to grab a bean! So, just take your chance, don’t bother with Windows at all. Move over to Linux. In the meantime as today is the last day of the year, have a great 2022. Happy New Year! Blwyddyn Newydd Dda!

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