Wednesday, 22 December 2021

Is the law an ass or is it someone else?

It is great to read something about the problem we have in this country with anonymous people making complaints about someone else who said something they did not agree with. There are quite a few examples. Also the Sun national newspaper published an article by Mercy Muroki. A well written article highlighting the strange way police forces react to such complaints. Highlighting the case against a retired policeman Mr Harry Miller who tweeted some hard stuff during 2019 and had to endure three years of what can only be called persecution. I don’t know what he tweeted as I am not active on Twitter or Facebook but what bothers me is that the accuser has been allowed throughout to be anonymous. How can that be right? Surely if we all believe in free speech then as long as messages, tweets or such like are within the realms of decency and respect then that should be fine. For instance, can you call someone a moron? Why not if not? I have called politicians idiots and frankly by the way some of them behave I would think correctly. Although the problem is that loads of people who are on social media platforms, have little or no education! How can you put forward a reasonable view in one or two lines of text? On top of that if you cannot spell or are too lazy to use a spellchecker? 

As Mercy said in her article ‘It is NOT a crime to have views that people do not like’. I expect there are loads of people who do not like my views, that’s fine but explain to me lucidly why. I am only a stupid man of continental extraction living in the best country in the world, Wales. Yes, it’s part of the UK and that’s OK for now but I hope that sooner or later we can make our own laws and become part of a federation with Scotland and England. Well, quoting Mercy again, the police force in question spent some quarter of a million quid on the case, the question we should ask is this – how can a police force spent such money on cases that are NOT a crime? Just going on an anonymous call? So, to end this, can we ask that the accuser’s name be made public? I am also certain the policeman in question is made of sterner stuff, and should be an example to the hierarchy. They should have known better.  

But as we know the top echelon of business and governmental agencies including local government are all to happy to pander to a vociferous minority who have no other aim but to transfer the world in their way and ONLY their way. So, wokies where are MY human rights?

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