Saturday, 11 December 2021

A muddle? Look no further than the UK...

How can a legal entity such as a government get into a muddle? Just look at the British Government. One gaff after another. It is due to badly thought out rules and regulations. Let’s look at the Covid muddle. What is Covid? Covid-19 is a nasty virus related to the common cold and flu. But this virus behaves a little bit different in that it attacks the airways much more severely especially the lungs. In some people with reduced resistance due to underlying illness the virus can be deadly. At best it can be survived with copious amounts of oxygen but even then there is evidence of long-lasting effects. So, a bit of a problem then isn’t it? Then we were faced with a plethora of laws and regulations most which were contradicting each other. The excuse? Ah we didn’t really know what we were facing! Look people, it was quite evident within a few weeks that this virus was incredibly fast in spreading, helped by our mania for travelling all over the globe. Most of it unnecessary. Did we stop it? No, certainly not. We waited to see what would happen. Now we know, we had to endure months of lock-down. If we had proper checking mechanisms at all the air and seaports, proper entry regulations and immigration procedures we could have minimised the effect of the virus. 

But we have opened Pandora’s box now and will have to endure whatever will and has already, come out of it. The frank truth of all of this is that there are too many people on this planet who insist on what they call freedom. Freedom to travel willy-nilly all over the place without restrictions. No-one now remembers the bubonic plague, basically brought to Europe including Britain by ships bringing lovely goods from the Far East including rats with fleas. The fleas simply transferred to humans and bingo! A disease killing millions because like Covid we had no resistance. It was new, it was like a maelstrom. Diseases such as that will find millions of willing takers, humans are served up like turkeys for Christmas. So, if we do not change our behaviour and do not change our approach then just go and sit down, smile and hope for the best. True, we won’t like what will be coming, we also won’t like all the restrictions, but if we, humanity, intend to live longer as a species beyond 2100 then there is really no alternative.

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