Tuesday, 21 December 2021

Hello wokies, and goodbye!

It seems that many wokies (woke people that is) are moving from London to other hallowed places. They are now turning up everywhere. We are having heads (is that still allowed to say?) of schools cancelling boys and girls. Hurrah! Not before time, we want more unisex stuff. I am not sure what I am any more either, I have to look in the mirror when coming out of bed to see if it is still hanging. Then I remember. It is getting more difficult, my memory is getting hazy. So it is good to cancel male and female genders. Lovely, I must thank the head of that school in Manchester for her (sorry! it’s) decision.

Seriously, how did it become a head? Probably with a degree in home economics? Or possibly in the new Panto module now being offered by some high flying University? There is something unpalatable about all of this, for a start there are too many women (sorry, non-binary beings) teaching in schools. Not many men (sorry, two-legged monstrosities) take up the cudgel. I wonder why. Possibly for fear of having to become non-binary or simply cancelled out all together? I have been cancelled out, not sure who did it but it was an enjoyable experience. Like flying over the bare desert watching camels going by. Nevertheless as a Piers Morgan aficionado, it is high time that we call an end to this frivolity. Call men, men and women, women. Girls and boys and frankly if any head of schools persist in pandering to wokism, SACK them! In the meantime can I ask the government of the supposedly butch PM to take the BBC to task? Perhaps Boris might regain some kudos and stay a bit longer before galloping off into the sunset! Above all do not cancel out Christmas or even try to make it woke! I heard some are trying just to do that. So get truly stuffed like a male turkey and keep on putting the rubbish on Twitter. So I can easily cancel them!

In the meantime I would wish for all readers, friends, associates, man or woman, boy or girl to have a brilliant Christmas and a very happy Covid-free New Year!

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