Monday, 27 December 2021

Have a great 2022, looking forward to more political gaffes!

Possibly the last post for this year, I thought to mention something that is close to me, wokism and Covid. So, have a laugh or cry depending on how you feel!               Hahahaha, woke Britain is at it again. Well, why not cancel everybody? JKR otherwise known as the author of the world famous Potter books is battling to stay human.Well, that’s according to the wokies. Frankly I believe the lady is made of strong material. It really is getting stupid. Councils banning meat for fear of the vegan brigade. Pru Leith cannot say the word ‘calories’ for fear of upsetting people with eating disorders. I would have thought that people with eating disorders have other things to worry about and need medical help rather than the inane outpourings of the woke brigade. I would like to silence the woke brigade but I also believe fervently in ‘freedom of speech’. So, unfortunately the woke brigade has the right to speak, although it is still rubbish. I even read somewhere they want to cancel Father Christmas because he’s too white? Perhaps it is time to have a good look at how all these things are reported. Just don’t talk about it any more. When there is no platform for these stupid ideas they may die a natural death. I would say the same thing about the incessant BBC reports about Covid. Every bulletin is peppered with the stuff about how many caught it, how many have died and talk about what has been done in other countries. Who cares? If we are told we cannot travel abroad for the time being, what does it matter what France’s wonder of the world, Macron says?

On the whole I believe people have not yet grasped the changes that are happening. And necessarily so if we are to save humanity from the impending disasters. Make no mistake, the climate that we depend on is in trouble! Our lifestyles need to change drastically, even driving all electric cars is not nearly enough! We continually complain about rules infringing our freedoms but it is these unbridled freedoms that have brought us to this point. People on the whole have been greedy, it is in our make-up. More is never enough, those that are millionaires want to be billionaires. So watch what the billionaires do, if they start building concrete bunkers in the Himalayas begin to stock up on porridge oats and powdered milk. By the way anyone knows where Bill Gates is, not travelling to India I hope?

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