Tuesday, 14 December 2021

Government in a muddle? Noooo, surely not.....

Oh dear oh dear, haven’t we got ourselves in a muddle. No, not us, the general population, it is the government of this hallowed country. Just look at them. Let’s start with those work-shy civil servants. Working from home to them means more time with the bottle of gin. Long paid foreign holidays which must not be disturbed. Not even when World War 3 erupts. As Dominic Raab showed, why bother about Afghanistan? Just another backward country. As another of his minions showed and stayed on holiday for a further week. But what was important, repatriate some hundreds of dogs and cats. That was showing the old British mettle innit? Blimey we forgot the translators, ah let’s not worry, they’ll find another job quick. Unless the Taliban got to them first.

It beggars belief that our government has let things slip so badly. Going from one blunder to another. Did I not say in the past that most politicians are dunces? These people are not fit to hold a normal job. They have degrees, some will have a certificate of attendance from Eton (a wonderful dormitory somewhere close to London). Just look in what. Not many science degrees. It shows as they cannot manage a simple budget. Most did not know what a virus was and what it can do. That showed in the late start of the vaccine programme and even now most in the government are in favour of just letting it all go ‘nature’. Don’t bother with vaccines, just let the donkeys (us) acquire natural or as they call it, herd immunity. Forgetting of course that with this extremely virulent strain mutations happen on an hourly basis. Meaning you have to be quick to stay in front. Unfortunately the word ‘quick’ is not in the UK government handbook. 

You may ask, did we vote in a Churchill or did we vote in his bulldog? Boris the Churchillian or Boris the overfed stumbling arthritic bulldog? Politics is very unforgiving, Boris will just be judged on his latest performances and let’s be fair these were not so good! You cannot be a bit laissez-faire and joke your way out or say, ‘That did not happen’ when evidence shows it has happened. So, the knives are not out yet but if he carries on like he has these past few weeks, I am certain they will start sharpening them.

Edit 17 Dec 2021 - And lo and behold, the dagger sharpeners are out! If I was Boris I would guard my back and look in the mirror on an hourly basis counting the knives in my back. Perhaps I would just call it a day. If the by-election loss says anything, it says the people have had enough of the bumbling, incoherent, government led by an extrovert charlatan who cannot see the wood for the trees.

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