Saturday, 18 December 2021

Goodbye Boris, I hope you will find a job soon...

There is nothing so funny as to listen to a bad loser trying to explain why! Take our hallowed PM, the once favoured politician, he tried to explain why a once an unassailable Tory seat that had a thumping 20,000+ majority was lost to the Liberal Democrats who got a majority of nearly 6,000! Meaning that 30,000 plus turned their backs on the Conservatives. And he has the gall to ask why! 

Well PM even I, from my cosy armchair can see why! On top of that he has been reported saying “Constant litany of stuff about politics and politicians” overshadowing the government’s successes. Interesting take on a defeat. The frank truth is that he seemed not to know what everyone else knew. The politicians who were caught in the act of defying the law, the politician who was paid to ask questions in Parliament. The politician who nearly had his trousers down in the office! Need to know more PM? Then his blatant attempt to whitewash or deny anything happened. 

Perhaps we should have seen his character before we got rid of another dishwasher called Theresa but all of us wanted Brexit solved. And as it stands, yes that’s his only victory. From then on it was full-speed downwards. To me it shows that yes, he is basically full of bluster, a man who glories in his position without taking the full responsibilities it entails. Let’s be fair if you are PM, you will not have any friends. You are a lonely island in a sea of sharks. Boris wants to be friends with sharks and now has got bitten. He might have lost a leg or two but he is bleeding badly. Will it be too late to remedy the position? 

Well, that remains to be seen, I fear it is too late. It will most likely turn out an early departure. It might not be so bad for him personally, a nice wife, a new baby to complete the half dozen. He will need a proper job, I heard they need loads of ambulance drivers in Woketown (London) where Omicron rules the roost. Good luck Boris, it was nice knowing you, not.

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