Thursday, 9 December 2021

From navel-gazing to telescopes

Just for your information – is Britain the only country in the world with an excessive woke population? We must be the laughing stock of all times. A once great nation navel-gazing all day long! Tell you what, let’s invade France. That’ll put the cat among the pigeons! Grab Macron and send him to our new penal colony on one of the Outer Hebrides. Ah yes, I forgot, send Boris with him as well. That’s for allowing a party whilst everyone else was chained at home, not even allowed to talk to partners or dogs. Talking about penal colonies, you might remember our glorious invasion of what is now Australia, treating all the people there with absolute ‘kindness’. Slavery? Nah, we didn’t do any of that, we just put them to work without a salary. The working day was only 24 hours long. It was a doddle! Put that in your diary wokey people! Have a nice Christmas.

Something more interesting – I managed to get a reflector telescope. Not excessively large but a tidy one that will allow a splendid view of the planets as long as we have a clear night in Wales! That’s asking a lot I know but you can only hope. It came without a tripod, so I ordered one from a reputable company in London (any left though?). It needs calibrating but with the storms now I’ll have to wait. The finder scope needs to be set so that it aligns with the reflector and the whole thing needs to be stabilised, not forgetting to set the tripod towards North and also set the elevation to around 51.5 degrees latitude plus ensuring we set the positioning bubble right in the centre of the gauge. It is fun. Especially as my 10 year old granddaughter is very interested. In fact she tells me how to do it all. She also tells me how to behave and the things I can and cannot say anymore. I just wonder what they teach in schools today! At ten years of age she knows what non-binary means. Can you believe it? When I was 10 years old I was just worrying about the local football team - Ajax Amsterdam. Binary was another system to count like decimals.

Ah well, did I not say that the world has gone nuts? Or perhaps we in the UK are the only ones gone bonkers.

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