Friday, 17 December 2021

A Nail in the Coffin? Hmmm...

Well there it is. The big nail in Boris’ coffin. Called the by-election loss in North Shropshire. It is how democracy works. As PM you can act like an idiot for only a short time. It is really incredible isn’t it? Like thousands of others, even die-hard Labour voters, I voted Boris in and as we thought, with a proper sound Conservative government. And what do we end up with? A buffoon who does not know the difference between right and wrong. We end up with a load of people who believe they are somehow above the law. How deep we have sunk. It is endemic all over Europe. Across the water we have another idiot who believes he is called Napoleon. Far off it seems but I begin to see great similarities between now and the time before World War Two. The period of 1933-1940 was just as idiotic as it is now. The Dutch would call it ‘losbandigheid’. A general disdain for rules. Also rule of law weakened due to judges’ incredible sentencing. Where life sentences are simply a joke, killers off within 10 years or so to start all over again. It is called ‘Slap on the wrist’ judgements. Sentences should be a reflection of the severity of the crime committed. 

We have now a society that has become like a canoe in a rapid river, wildly tossed all over the place. The oarsman has gone AWOL and is partying on shore. One thing I also note, this Covid Omicron virus is rampant in London. Probably due to the behaviour of the woke liberal elite. Well, keep it there wokies, hoping the right-minded will stop the wokies from travelling to far-flung places to protest. So, as I am not really a betting man I will bet my money though on the coming change of government and its leader. The present incumbent to leave before April is out. The only problem though is I cannot really see a suitable new Conservative leader. We can dismiss the Labour party they are even less capable of putting together a sound government. The Lib-Dems they are just a joke, so we are in the doldrums. Let’s hope a good person will show up before the country goes bankrupt.

Edit: Losbandigheid = unrestrained, ungovernable.

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