Saturday, 4 December 2021

Hard lessons to learn?

You have to laugh at loud when you hear the TV news and read the editorials of the newspapers. I often think ‘What do people really expect?’ There is Putin parading all over the front pages among fears that he is going to invade the Ukraine. Friends, he might do that if we are going to behave as we did before WW2. Appeasement DOES NOT WORK. When will we here start to understand that? Appeasement will only embolden the adversary more. Of course the problems will not go away either but the advice is simple, just be aware and ensure your defences are up to scratch.

The frank truth about humans is also pretty simple, we are just animals but dangerous ones at that. Despite the very woke liberal elite who would have us think that everything is rosy if only we would stop swearing and have LBGT+ street parties. Basically on the whole we are quite efficient killers. 

I get my morning papers from a local Spar outlet and at around 7am the workers, drivers and similar are tanking up. It is incredible how basic most people are, obviously very little education and the language used seems one that the Atlanteans spoke. It makes me wonder how in all honesty we got where we are today. Because the greater number just don’t care a jot. Instead of worrying about whether we should be called non-binary or whatever, we ought to bother more about how we bring up the family. Celebrate the differences but also the equality of being human. Remembering we are not the only entity that matters on this planet. Where I live, in a small backyard town in the Rhondda Valley people throw more rubbish on the street than anywhere else. Plastics like cellophane from cigarette packs just waiting to be flushed into the river next to the road. Thrown by young people who protest about plastic in the seas and global warming. They might as well go home to bed and stay there. Dreaming about the next statue they want to topple into the harbour. Well, unless we all get a hard lesson, and maybe Covid is a lesson, things will not change. It will change when people start dying in huge numbers. Let’s hope we will learn our lessons quick!

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