Friday, 5 November 2021

Whoa, another U-Turn, lovely....

Sometimes I just cannot believe I live in the great UK. Sometimes known as Great Britain but nowadays it is just Britain. What a mess people can get into. You know it is strange but today we are not governed by politicians good or bad but by Twitter and Facebook. Just take what happened to Owen Paterson MP. Now ex MP. We have known for years that lobbying is a fact of political life. It happens in daily life everywhere. It is how humans work. If I want something, politically speaking, I go and see a few people first and foremost. But today as we are governed by Twitter, the righteous zombies, the brain-dead, ultra left wokists wake up from their coffins and get behind their Raspberry-Pi wonky set-up and start typing their fury. Then lo and behold the government make an U-turn. Great stuff. It is like I love to be governed by weak ever-smiling pontificating herd animals like wildebeest. Always skittish, looking over the shoulders. 

Whether Owen did or did not lobby ministers is not in question because all do. It is part of government, you have to talk to people about your ideas and promote those companies within your constituency. But the problem can escalate because if money gets involved then it is no longer lobbying but graft aka corruption. It is on those parameters it needs looking at and not just rumours of someone having talked to someone else.

The other thing about Twitter is the ever increasing ‘backlash’ about racism. Now we hear it was bad in cricket. God help us all. What next? People, please get a life. I was born a Dutchman and have been called almost anything you can think of, Dutchy, Ditchy, Donkey, Dotty (I like that one), Cheesemonger, Cheesecruncher, amongst a thousand others. Has it changed me? Sure it has, I trim my foot nails more often. So, you are called a shortened name based on your country, so what? Isn’t it true? You were born somewhere else? Oh, sorry must call you Dutchy then. By the way I live in Wales, yes? Yep, I like sheep! Nice woolly things that. Calm down Twitter maniacs.

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