Saturday, 20 November 2021

Use the Navy, thank you...

Just in case you, dear reader, thought that things were great. Britain showing a bit of beef. Sending troops to Poland to keep the immigrants out of the EU. Great stuff, don’t you think? Well, yes but how is it possible that we can use the military, send them to Poland to do the thing we cannot seem to do on our own coasts? Is this another of Boris’ great promises? Showing he has what it takes? He might have what it takes but it’s not in making the right decisions. Look Boris, you came to the hallowed seat of PM power with some bravado. Wild waving hair, a bit of bluster and yes, you took me in. 

But I’m afraid that now you’ve lost me! I feel a bit sorry for you because you thought you were the next Churchill but you turned out to be a bit like Churchill’s overfed bulldog. Slow and pondering about, slavering at the mouth and pretty useless in a fight. I am not sure that you really knew what it was all about. What politics is about. What Britain’s real standing is. OK you won Brexit, excellent because it stopped most of the infighting. But when you win a battle you also have to deal with its aftermath. 

The destructions need addressing, you cannot just leave it. America after WW2 had its Marshall plan to rebuild Europe. It worked. If they had just left it Germany would by now have been just part of Russia, possibly just an empty prairie. So, Boris just do us all a favour, either pull your socks up or leave.

Just to end this missive, don’t think immigrants will change their minds. They ALL want just one country. Yes, us. Britain. It will not ever stop. Don’t try to find reasons why, we all know the reasons why and we do not understand your evident reluctance to deal with this issue. It is basically quite simple, turn the boats around. Use the Navy. Thank you.

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